[NBA News] Owen progress to grow slowly

No one denied that Owen is a good point guard, but and Westbrook, Harden, who compared to Owen's progress is very limited space, and his early career, he did not show a huge increase, which How many disappointing.

美媒数据证欧文进步太缓慢 已被哈登韦少甩开

In the NBA in 2011 to appear in NBA, Owen is considered the league's most promising young point guard, he also hopes to become one of the best players in the NBA, at the time, as a Less than 20-year-old point guard, Owen showed a high score and excellent passing, his data far better than the 20-year-old age of Paul, Westbrook, Wall and Harden.

美媒数据证欧文进步太缓慢 已被哈登韦少甩开

However, in addition to Wall, the above several point guard after 20 years of age are beginning to turn for the better, they have become the main contender MVP, of course, Owen is also very good, but not really super giant.

美媒数据证欧文进步太缓慢 已被哈登韦少甩开

The data from the argument is that Owen did not fully fulfill the potential of his early career, he is not the league's top five players, or even close to this goal.

美媒数据证欧文进步太缓慢 已被哈登韦少甩开

The 19-year-old defender did not have a PER (PER) higher than Owen, and that figure was up to 21.4, while at 20 years of age only Paul's (22.1) To be higher than Owen, in every 48 minutes the value of a victory contribution, only 20-year-old Parker of this data is better than Owen. But at the same time, Owen in the 19-20 age group has a higher real hit rate, higher BPM ((pitch positive), higher efficiency values ​​and higher technical indicators (such as assists rate) No guard can reach the level of Owen in the same age range (not including Curry, since Curry's rookie year is 21 years old, more than this limit, the career path and Irving is not the same).

But the problem is, Owen career at the beginning to maintain a high level, and now, his level is still so stagnant, which also led him to not be among the ranks of superstars, by Westbrook, Harden and Paul et al. Throw off a body position.

Owen why can not become a real giant? Outside the first thought is the impact of LeBron - James. In the 22-year-old Irwin, LeBron returned to Cleveland, James became the team's absolute boss, the arrival of James Owen and other knights players get the ring, but LeBron has hindered the growth of Irving it? The answer is obviously no.

Occupation career So far, Owen's player utilization has not changed, about 28%, but James came to the first season after a slight drop to 26%, James's presence on Owen's offensive share did not cause too much , But Owen changed the offensive mode, his current shot percentage reached 31%, and in the arrival of James, the value of 26%, but Owen did not degenerate into a super shooter in the past three In the season, he shot 32 percent from the three-point range, but with Owen's current shooting options more reasonable, he became a much more efficient scorer.

In addition, the presence of James also reduced the pressure of Owen's offensive, in the first three seasons of life, Owen is the team's only super scorer, he shot 3 feet within 58%, and with James et al Of the join, Owen breakthrough space more open, he hit rate within 3 feet also rose to 61%.

Undeniably, compared with the early career, Owen has a better chance, but his technology did not make much progress, his pace of progress obviously did not keep up with Wei Shao, Harden's footsteps.