[NBA News] Ray - Allen in 2012 to the Heat why, he really betrayed the Green Shirt Army?

Why is the first teammate Ray Allen angry?

The degree of robbery brother brother, meet smile smile obliterate hatred OK combination of the year when the tense, O'Neill and even want to kill Kobe Bryant, but with the erosion of time, the two finally understand how to appreciate and respect each other. OK combination is able to resolve the work, the old is considered a model of the team of the Celtics, but because of a transfer that has been to win the brothers back to the present, after five years of things have become a hot topic. Ray - Allen in 2012 to the Heat why, he really betrayed the Celtics it, this lasted five years of non-controversial, reflecting the NBA what the truth? Let's go back five years ago and see what happened in the end.

"Betrayed" or "forced to go"?

"Ray, I know that the contract is very low wages, but this is the highest salary we can now come up with, we defending you need, I can assure you that you will never appear in any transaction rumors in Miami, In the Miami Beach villa, Riley met the sea breeze blowing slowly, very sincerely on the side of the Allen said.

Allen smiled and did not give the answer, but at the moment he was really tempted. It was the summer of 2012, Allen in front of two contracts, one from the old club Celtics, the contract is two years 12 million US dollars, the other from the Heat, the contract is 3 years 9.7 million US dollars. Obviously, the Celtics contract more, and Allen left the Celtics can also be the name of loyalty, his jersey will one day at the Boston Garden Arena retired, he will become the wealthy team's name, paste The winners and loyalty to the team are written into history. However, Allen chose the Heat.

"When we got together, someone asked us, where did Allen? They did not understand that we were together in a group of people who had a loyal heart when we were meeting," Garnett in his program "Area 21 "When Alan decided to go to the Heat, I thought he abandoned us, and he went to pursue another ring, and that 's why I believe Allen will eventually apologize to us.

Are you really need an apology? Those who accused Allen's former teammates and fans seriously thought that Allen would rather take less money and bear the so-called "betrayal" notorious to leave the green jersey? An insider who knows about the deal with the Heat is given the answer. "Riley gave mine full respect, it was mine from Anji and Doug did not get there," insiders said.

In the Big Three in Boston, Allen's sacrifice is the biggest, the data does not lie, in the Big Three gathered in Boston before the 2006-07 season, Allen averaged 21 shots, scoring 26.4 points per game, And Pierce's first season, Allen averaged 13.5 points per game, averaging 17.4 points per game. Pierce in the Big Three era still have a lot of ball singles opportunity, Kevin Garnett is the center of the tactical tactics, and Allen became a jumper after running jumper. If you are starting to see the NBA after 2007, ten of the nine will be mistaken for Allen was the original play, and in fact he was in the Bucks and the Sonics period is able to cast a attacker.

Allen's sacrifice did not give the team enough respect, he was injured in the 2011-12 season ankle, came back after Doug - Rivers put the bench, and did not give him any explanation. In that season, the Celtics general manager Anji repeatedly tried to trade Allen, then as long as the deal with the Celtics rumors, most of the relationship with Allen. As the NBA history keeper, Hall of Fame player, Allen's self-esteem was hurt. "Ray is the kind of very proud person, he can not tolerate the management and coaching staff to treat his way," insiders said.

The Celtics to Allen's share of the contract does not look very bad, at least higher than the Heat bid, but the crux is that Anji did not attach importance to the renewal of Allen, he is in the processing of the introduction of a series of Terry After work, and Arun negotiations. This is like Wade in the summer of 2016 with the Heat renewal of the dispute, why Wade decided to leave the Heat, the money is not the main reason, the key lies in the team that "you do not have you can" attitude is Chilling.

So that Allen away another important factor is his contradiction with Rondo, the objective of the two people and the discord has never been open, in the game is not reflected, Rondo is responsible for passing, Allen is responsible for catching the ball , With the quality is still very high. Allen and Rondo's differences are purely not understand each other, O'Neill in the 2010-11 season, the effectiveness of the Celtics, "big shark" frankly Rondo is very smart but too stubborn, so hot a lot of veterans. Allen is also a wise man, and is a perfectionist, for the work of all meticulous and even harsh, he does not like Rondo's self-righteous.

Allen and Rondo have never publicly criticized each other, the way they deal with the problem is the cold war, privately ignore each other, while the Celtics management and coaching staff prefer young Rondo. Anji was so active in the operation of the transaction Allen, there is the reason to reduce the burden of wages, and the Celtics salary pressure, in addition to Garnett and Pierce high wages, and Long before the renewal is also an important factor. When Allen became a free agent in 2012, Rondo has been an annual salary of ten thousand, and Allen in the contract negotiations by the Celtics dragged on, and eventually get an average annual salary of 6 million The offer. For the NBA's total salary of more than 180 million US dollars of Allen, would rather take the money to the environment more comfortable heat, do not want to stay in the Celtics gas.

May 11, 2017