[NBA News] Rocket six-game winning streak

Rockets sits at home against the 76ers, and ultimately they easily beat the opponent 115-88, count the victory, the Rockets in the face of 76 people have to get six-game winning streak.

The field of stars: Harden 23 points tied Yao Ming

Harden made the first section will be extremely bright performance, he scored 8 of 8 to get 23 points, tied the Rockets history of the second highest score in a single section, in 2006, Yao Ming in the game against Wizards had a single get 23 Points, team history, the highest score is the "madman" Maxwell created in 1991 against Cleveland in a single game to get over 30 points.

In addition, Harden scored 33 points and seven rebounds and nine assists in the first 10 games of the season combined to get 303 points and 126 assists, becoming the third in NBA history in the first 10 games of the season to get at least 300 points 100 Second assists players, the first two were Oscar - Robertson and Westbrook.

Race Review: Rocket III ends the fight

After the campaign came up, Enbi De fire full, he got 7 points to help the 76ers played 12-5 start, not only to attack the color, in terms of scraping, Enbi Germany is also extremely hard, he even saved the ball at the pounced 76 bench. For the sake of caution, the Great played only 4 minutes to be changed. Enbide end, 76 people frame weakened greatly, Harden then began to force, he was in the sudden foreign investment points, in the latter part of this section, Harden once even get 17 points to help the rockets continue to pull Points, the end of this section, McConnell in the backcourt hit a distant third, but was fined invalid, the first section of Harding Park, the Rockets to 38-26 lead, Harden single 8 vote 8 to get 23 points .

Second section back, the Rockets second team continued strong performance, Brewer not only reached the basket to complete the dunks, still defensive end gave Okafor a blood cap, when Gordon in this section 7 minutes and 20 seconds left Soared in the third, the Rockets have to 53-32 lead. 76 people then played a wave of 8-0 offensive, Henderson basket after succeeding, 76 people will be close to 13 points difference Buy NBA 2K17 MT. Harden after the middle stage of the delay to find the touch, continuous attack the basket is not in the formation of confrontation between the two teams, halftime, the rocket to 65-52 lead. Harden in the first section of the 8 vote in 8, the second section of the 5 vote 0.

The second half easy to side battles, the two sides see-saw, Enbi in this section 9 minutes left when the jumper, 76 to 56-70 behind, but Harden then hit two consecutive unreasonable three points, led the team to send out A wave of 8-0 will be opened to 22 points. Philadelphia attack is still no change, the Rockets will continue to be poor, Aliza hit two long shot, the Rockets up to 29 points ahead. 76 people at the last minute of this section even take 4 points, the end of the third quarter, they are 68-93 behind.

Distal game reduced to garbage time, Trevor Ariza in this section left 6 minutes 15 seconds soared in the third, the Rockets to 102-76 lead, then the team put on pure reserve lineup, the final rocket to easily beat the opponent 115-88 .

Competition Highlights: Elder brother appeared Toyota Center

In this game, the Rockets 50 anniversary of the invitation to the old star Francis, he sat next to the rocket owner Alexandria, when the lens to the Fu boss, his face also appears very easy, in the night, the rocket also with a Victory to pay tribute to the name.

Both the field starting:

Rockets: Harden, Trevor Ariza, Anderson, Capella, Gordon

76: Enbi, Salic, Covington, Rodriguez, Henderson