[NBA News] Rocket three tiger Qi Zan Howard

ESPN reports that today the Rockets will be home against the Hawks, which will be Dwight - Howard left Houston this summer, the first time to face the old master. After the shooting training, the Rockets three tigers deliberately praised the Warcraft.

As we all know, Howard is a big funny love children, despite the relationship with James - Harden general, but in the hearts of the Rockets three tigers, World of Warcraft is a good mentor. Offseason, Howard to 3 years 70.5 million US dollars to join the home team - the Hawks.

Howard is a great guy, and he's been around for a while, and he's very concerned about everyone and has a strong heart, Rockets second-grader Monterey Harel said. After each game, , We will communicate in private.

Honestly, he did give me a lot of help, he thought he would have a successful career in Atlanta, Harrell continued.

As for Sam Dekker, many people still remember that he had in the social media sun drying out Howard's iconic smile.

The Rockets last season intends to train Clint - Capella, the team general manager Darrell - Morey even asked the coaching staff to reduce Howard's playing time, thereby increasing Capella's role in the team. Now Capella has become the starting center of the Rockets, he thanked Howard for teaching him a lot.

I see him always on the court full of concentration, yes, I learned a lot, Capella said, and learned how to play under pressure.With Howard every day, I am very happy, is He gave me confidence.

In the Rockets effectiveness of the three seasons, Howard averaged 16.0 points and 11.7 rebounds to produce the data, in 2015, Harden scored the Western Conference finals.