[NBA News] Russell Biao 7 points in mind long shot Randall three pairs

The Lakers beat the Nets 125-118 home, will record to 7 wins and 5 losses. Russell scored 32 points in the audience, hit seven three-pointers, Randall is the second personal career to get three pairs

Russell 32 points and 8 rebounds, Mo Zifu 20 points and 6 rebounds, Randall 17 points and 14 rebounds and 10 assists, Clarkson 13 points, 12 points and 9 rebounds Black. Nets aspects of Lopez 30 points and 10 rebounds, Bogdanovic 27 points, Booker 11 points and 10 rebounds, Ferrer 11 points.

Russell opened hand wind very smoothly, one-third of the ball as the rain. Less than 7 minutes, 5 shots shot all the individual hit to help the Lakers lead 23-17. Lopez storm succeeded, but Xiaonan Si instant layup to get 2 points. Russell fast break dunks, the score becomes 27-19. However, the Nets are not fuel-efficient lights, followed by a wave of 10-0 shock, Hamilton hit the arc top three, the visiting team to 29-27 lead.

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The second section you come to me, the score alternately rise, Bogdanovic storm succeeded, 41-39, Randall raid tied NBA 2K17 Coins. The visiting team is still dominant, Bogdanovic reflex layup, 47-42. Fortunately, Randall feel good, even had 4 points, Mozgov made foul two free throws, the Lakers to regain the lead. Half the last minute, Randall hit two free throws, Yang Shaoxia third shot in the outside Biao, the Lakers to 56-51 into the second half.

The Lakers will take advantage of hot pursuit, Mozgov grabbed the rebounds to complete the buckle, 68-57, the two teams of points difference widened to double digits. Nets struggling to resist, but the first section of the feel hot Russell and find the feeling of continuous hit one-third. However, the Nets also cast in the outside line, Harris and Ferrer continuous hit, with Blackburn grabbed rebounds after rebounds, three fixed in 93-85, is still the Grand Army to take advantage.

Harris break layup, Foye and then long shots, the Nets will narrow the gap to 3 points. Fortunately, the Lakers in time to stabilize the situation. Unconsciously, Randall can only get 1 assists to get three pairs. Ferrer hit the long-range, 103-110, but Mozgov immediately made two free throws. Bogdanovic in the game before the end of 3 minutes 02 seconds to vote in the third, the two sides only 4 points. Critical moment Russell continuous cover by Lopez, Clarkson foul made two free throws. Booker critical moment mistakes, Ingram two free throws, the Lakers wins have been set.

Both starting lineup

Lakers: Russell, Yang, Deng, Randall, Mozgov

Nets: Gil Patrick, Bogdanovic, Jefferson, Booker, Lopez