[NBA News] Spurs win the Lakers away still remain unbeaten

The Spurs are out to challenge the Lakers. Lakers starting point guard Russell today due to injury, Calderon replace Russell starting. The lack of starting point guard of the Lakers can not organize an effective attack, the Spurs away win 116 more than 107 this season away still remain unbeaten. With this victory, Popovich coaching career to win the field of 1099 games, more than marshal Larry - Brown, ranked seventh in NBA history. Leonard contributed 23 points and 12 rebounds and 7 assists and 2 steals, almost to get three pairs, Aldridge is to get 23 points 6 rebounds and 2 steals 3 blocks.

The field of Star: Shuangde Bi lay a victory

The Spurs' Leonardo and Aldridge are two of the most promising players to become the core of the team after the disintegration of GDP. Today both scored 23 points, as the Spurs win the biggest hero. Especially in the final section of the game, the Lakers once the points difference reduced to 7 points. On the Lakers see reversal of hope, Aldridge continuous singles, coupled with Leonard's third and free throws, completely doused the Lakers reverse hope, to ensure the Spurs won seven straight away.

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Game Review: Lakers let the Spurs scared a cold sweat

Russell today due to knee pain and sidelined, small Walton sent Calderon starting, the rest of the starting lineup unchanged NBA 2K17 Coins. The lack of Russell's Lakers on the offensive obviously sluggish, the previous attack did not score, the Spurs seize the opportunity to quickly get 7 to 0 lead. The Lakers have been to the first quarter of the game played 4 minutes before the first ball by Randall.

The first section of the game the Lakers once the points difference reduced to 3 points, but the Spurs firmly occupy the field initiative, re-expansion of the lead and 10 points difference to end the first section of the game.

In the second quarter, the Lakers after the first section of the run-in, the second section gradually find offensive state. Spurs mistakes increased to Gregg Popovich furious, in 45 seconds to request two consecutive suspension. Spurs defended after two pauses, but the Lakers were in the final three minutes of the first half set off a climax. Ingram hit two free throws, Nick - Young a fast break in the third-quarter hit the body, a layup, shot 7 to 0 offensive wave, the remaining 41 seconds in the first half, go-ahead score. Then the Spurs hit the bottom of the third corner of Botanz, Clarkson also hit two goals, the two sides battle into 52 level.

The first half of the last minute Leonardo received a pass after Borussia dunk hit the buzzer. However, after the referee to watch the video, the penalty penalty is invalid, both halves of the first half.

Spurs played in the third quarter of the climax of terror, in the middle of the third quarter of 11 consecutive attacks all succeeded. The Spurs thus played a 14 to 2 small climax in the field to 78 to 66 lead. Encounter such a fierce Spurs, the Lakers do nothing, relying on the sixth man Lewis - Williams' s excellent play barely bite the score.

To the key to the last section, the Lakers once again approaching the score, the fourth quarter of the game more than half of the Lakers will narrow the gap between the two sides to 7 points, Clarkson's score as the key to narrowing points difference. But whether on the experience or on strength, the Spurs combination of Germany and Germany have to be superior. Leonard and Aldridge scored in the fourth quarter in a row, seeing the Spurs do not win the edge. The Lakers did not expect the last moment again waves, Randall left in the game 1 minute 23 seconds when the two free throws, the Lakers only 105 to 109 behind 4 points.

The key to the remaining two old GDP Spurs, Manu Ginobili's assists and Parker in a hit, so the Spurs in the game the rest of the 33.6 seconds to regain a 6-point lead. Nick - Young then not in the third, the Lakers can only use foul tactics, but unfortunately powerless. The Spurs 116 away victory over 107.

Match tidbits: their coach are left off

Randall has been known in the Lakers have been brave, and today he got 13 points in the game 9 rebounds and 7 assists, and once again from the three pairs close. But in the middle of the second quarter, Randall may be too excited. In a defense, Randall suddenly jumped, almost steals Leonard's pass. After the ball flying out of the sideline, Randall is still chasing, a hit his coach Little Walton's arms.

Randall this look is not light, small Walton almost knocked over. Was a small loss of Wharton young, was shot after patting Randall's shoulder. See his disciples so brave, small Walton was hit is willing.

Both sides starting

Spurs: Pau Gasol, Leonard, Aldridge, Parker, Danny Green

Lakers: Calderon, Ruhr - Deng, Randall, Nick - Young, Mozgov