[NBA News] Stephen - Curry is willing to stay in the Warriors but he did not give a guarantee

As the league's most cost-effective star, Stephen - Curry will be a free agent next summer, he is expected to get a fat about. In an interview, Curry admitted that he was willing to stay in the Warriors, but he did not give a guarantee.

库里:愿续约勇士但不敢保证 挑战自己变更强

"It's hard to imagine being out of here," Curry said, adding that the Bay Area gave him the feel of the home. "It's going to happen," Curry said.

This season, as two MVP, Curry annual salary of only 12 million US dollars, in the Warriors are only ranked No. 4. Next summer, Curry is eligible to sign a five-year contract worth $ 165 million with the Warriors, the Warriors left Curry can get the maximum number of years, the maximum amount of the contract.

This season, Kevin - Durant joined, Curry data decline, but still averaging 26.6 points under H, 5.9 assists, shooting 49.4%, one-third of the hit rate of 42.1%. Although already two MVP and won the championship, but Curry is still not satisfied.

"He's a two-time MVP, but he still thinks he can get stronger," said Curry's agent, Austin.

Players with Michael - Jordan, Tim - Tim Duncan co - Steve - Cole said: "Curry with any one I know the same ground gas, whether or not a superstar, he has the correct value outside , People are very humble, it seems that these with his field of strong self - confidence does not match, but it is a great combination.

"I never felt like I was a shot-shaker. Maybe the energy that I show every day will be different, but I like to challenge myself," Kevin Garnett said. Kobe Bryant is different from other players, they may not like to practice hard, but they know they have to go to training, they will be as fierce as possible in the game to attack.

Curry with the current number of players in the league is different from his outstanding physical fitness, but he has created a crazy projection of their own era. Alliance president Adam - Xiao Hua said: "Curry's outstanding is not built on the premise of physical quality overwhelming opponents, but based on its special technology whether these technologies are shooting or holding the ball, for those children, They will have a feeling, in which they can do the same outstanding.

"Every time Curry gets the ball, you can not turn around and look at other places because you know he will do something you've never seen before.