[NBA News] The latest issue of NBA team strength list baked

In the latest issue of the team strength list, the Warriors and Cavaliers still occupy the top two, the rocket rose to third place. The following is the strength of the current list of specific rankings (brackets for the record) -

ESPN球队实力榜:勇士仍压骑士 火箭升至第三

1, Warriors (24 wins 4 losses), the last ranking: 1

This season, the Warriors have been four single-game H-135 + points and sent 35 + assists, which is since the 1990-91 season (Celtics 6, Trail Blazers 5), the first team so much Times to do this. In the season, the other team 1 did not do it.

2, Knight (19 wins and 6 losses), the last ranking: 2

When the Cavaliers back to back away to challenge the Grizzlies, Tyler - Lu choice for James, Irving and Lok Fu rest, which caused a lot of people's criticism. But Lu's decision has also received a lot of support because they can not afford the impact of the Big Three injured, and now they are only 13 players available (Anderson season reimbursement, Mo Williams retired).

3, the Rockets (21 wins and 7 losses), the last ranking: 5

Rocket than expected, more than any other team. Harden and the Rockets seem to be in the regular-season 62-win rhythm and must be aware of this: While Westbrook is now the number one choice for MVP, it does not mean the winner is his, because Harden is also the award of the Popular.

4, the Spurs (22 wins and 5 losses), on the ranking: 3

Duncan's jersey just retired, Aldridge and Pau Gasol has not fully integrated together, Parker's scoring average of only 10.1 points, but this did not affect the Spurs, their current record for the league's best 14 wins and 1 negative .

5, the Raptors (19 wins and 8 losses), the last ranking: 4

If November belongs to DeRozan, then December belongs to Lori. In December, Lori not only can get 23.6 points per game, and shooting up 55.8%, three-point shooting is achieved 58.7%. The Raptors have a 0-6 record against Knights, Warriors and Kings this season, but are 19-2 against other teams.

6, Jazz (18 wins and 10 losses), the last ranking: 9

This season the Jazz in the winning half of the team who only got five wins, is the Western Conference 7 half of the winning team more than half of the second (tied with the Grizzlies), but they did not achieve better results, Is due to suffered a large area of ​​injury problems.

7, Grizzlies (18 wins and 11 losses), the last ranking: 6

Conley missed the 9 games, the Grizzlies made 7 wins 2 losses record. But in Conley comeback after two games, they suffered two straight.

8, Thunder (16 wins and 11 losses), the last ranking: 8

Thunderbolt was 10-3 in this season's three-double play at Westbrook, and 6-8 in Westbrook without a triple-double.

9, the Clippers (20 wins and 8 losses), the last ranking: 7

In the first 16 games of the season, the Clippers scored 14 wins and 2 losses record, during which they averaged only 98 points lost points. But after that, the Clippers made only 6 wins and 6 losses record, during which they averaged as high as 106.7 points lost points.

10, the Celtics (15 wins and 12 losses), the last ranking: 11

In the small Thomas back after the Celtics made two straight, ranking rose to third in the east.

Ranked 11 to 30 of the team in turn are:

The Bucks, the Hornets, the Pacers, the Bulls, the Wizards, the Knicks, the Pistons, the Hawks, the Nuggets, the Trail Blazers, the Magic, the Heat, Minnesota, Mavericks, Kings, Pelicans, Lakers, Suns, Nets.