[NBA News] The lunar summary of the Clippers' best Wolves wizards was disappointing

2016-17 season's journey has been a month's time, most of the team although the twists and turns but still within the scope of everyone's vision, but there are some team's performance is completely shattered the outside world for their expectations. For example, the Los Angeles Clippers current record triumphant alliance, city brothers Lakers record is also highest in the western top eight, the Hornets beat much better than we expected, Timberwolves said good cash talent still need to wait, no driver calf Down to this point, and so on all the experts are not so stunned. Here we look at the first month of the season the team summary.

Best Team - Clippers

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

New season, the Clippers really become strong, the first month of 16 games, they 14 wins and 2 losses - this result is the league first, but also the best start in team history. Their offensive efficiency league second, their defensive efficiency of the same league second, offensive and defensive equally well.

They are still strong before the starting point, the starting strength of the five tigers strong, Reddick's shooting continued stability, Barmot 3D highlights, small Jordan is still a defensive iron gates, Paul's current efficiency ranked first in the league, Gerry Fen defensive end obvious progress, when the Clippers put Jordan, Griffin, Ba Mote, Reddick, Paul's lineup, the team 100 rounds can win the opponent 30 points.

Their previous weaknesses - defense, three-bit, bench, are in the enhanced. Clippers defensive strategy has changed, usually before taking outside attack, post players quickly turn the way defense, but this season due to the rise of Ba Mote, the Clippers began to take outside the pick-and-roll to be blocked after the anti- Small Jordan guarding the restricted area does not move the strategy to maximize the defensive advantage. For the team has been weak on the 3rd position, Ba Mote the average annual salary of more than 200 million players, really fill the small forward position on the team loopholes, he is a very good 3D player, he has a small Clippers Striker position, currently ranked in the league ranking in the upper reaches, much higher than the previous season's end stream level http://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins . As well as the Clippers has always been weak lineup has also been reinforced, Spitz is the team's biggest harvest this summer, signed the Warriors won the bench when the year, an increase of important outside fire points, this Clippers Only paid 2.9 million US dollars, while the bench there are the best sixth man grams of the league 6, Pierce, Felton, Rivers and other small, the Clippers bench scoring close to 40 points, the Clippers finally have Own "bench culprit".

The team's core system for many years and finally received a solid effect, although last season, the Clippers because the main Paul and Griffin injury out of the first round, then last season, it is unacceptable rocket Guards 1: 3 backward overturned. But the team owner still has to keep the core lineup and head coach Rivers unchanged, Paul, Griffin, Jordan, Redick, Crawford, Rivers and others, years of cooperation between each other already Familiar can not be cooked, and finally to the harvest season.

I believe that regardless of whether the Clippers this season, the final finals and even won the championship, can be expected that Paul and Griffin will be satisfied with the team's situation, will choose to renew the team, while maintaining the core lineup Of the Clippers in the next few years will have been the most popular title team.

The most surprising team - the Lakers, the Hornets

The team's performance far more than we expected, and the most prominent of which is the West Lakers and the East of the Hornets, the first month of the season they show the strength to let everyone sit up and take notice.

1, the Lakers

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

The beginning of the season who can think of the new season schedule played a month, the Lakers in the top eight in the West. You are not mistaken, that is the beginning of the season recognized belly team last season, the Lakers last league record.

Before the start of the season, experts generally believe that the Lakers this season will only break through 30 wins, the current Lakers will far more than expected. The origin of all this is this summer, with Kobe officially retired and hired Walton as the Lakers coach. See the Lakers surprising record, a netizen joked: gone a cancer, to a savior! Indeed, the Lakers began on the right track, its origin is to take the "cancer" Scott coach, ushered in the Wharton coach, the young Marshal for the Grand Army ushered in a new era.

Before the start of the season, the outside world is expected that this young and talented Lakers will be a slight improvement over last season, but contrary to most people's expectations, the Lakers start is impressive, one after another victory over the Warriors, Eagles and other teams, and maintained Winning more than 50%. Have to say, this is the main force of the Protestant Wharton, the young Marshal in the tuning team is really a set, he let the Lakers players in the spirit of the field has changed a lot, fully tap the players of their respective In the Wharton system, the players not only play hard, but also learned to trust each other, even before the player was almost abandoned Nick - Young, also played a career-best Good performance.

The reconstruction of the city of Angels has achieved initial success, "Lakers five little" have made considerable progress, Russell, Clarkson, Ingram, Xiaonan Si, Randall led the team to carry the post-Kobe era Flag, Walton coach in the team has absolute authority, the core player performance is not good also immediately removed, in the post-Bryant era, the Lakers change that the league have to sit up and take notice. The Lakers is a major feature of everyone can contribute to their bench and the main strength or less, you can take turns battle to kill opponents, the Lakers are the league's first bench scoring, the team two generals substitute Wei and Clarkson averaged nearly 30 points to win, they lead the lineup can be quickly opened the score.

The Lakers are the league's dark horse team, their talent is accelerated release, and those who are said to be more quickly convertible talent team, such as Timberwolves, 76 people, is far behind. The Lakers' current performance is a bit up and down, but under Walton's leadership they have grown and improved at a rate that is beyond anyone's expectations. If the Lakers can continue to keep the momentum going, they'll have The opportunity to fight for a playoff seat, and the great cause of revival of the Grand Army is just around the corner.

2, the Hornets

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

Hornets in recent years, the sense of being in the league is not strong, has been only by the owner of Jordan and before the team's Jeremy Lin is still to enter everyone's vision. Last season they did a good job, achieved 48 wins, but lost to Wade in the first round of the Heat 3-4. Their summer operation is considered very poor, and lost the LinShuHao, Li, Jefferson and other strength of the player, returned to the Bartum super contract, was identified multiple position strength downgrade, can not break the results of last season. However, the Hornets to various experts surprise, the first month of the strike has reached the eastern part of the first three. Among them, Walker, Bartum, McGee and the power of the team contributed to the Hornets have become the eastern part of the power can not be ignored.

Hornets strong performance of the season first reflected in the evolution of the queen Walker, he averaged 24.8 points and 5.4 assists and 4.4 rebounds and 1.6 steals, contributed a comprehensive 43.8% while the third hit rate, this season he is the league's most fierce fire One of the point guard, and his play and other attacking point guard is different, he does not take too much ball. The boss does not take the ball, the allocation of tasks by the Batum to complete the French Pippen put his full skill to play most vividly, played a hub linkage role, but also a good complement to the lack of creativity Walker and defense , He and Walker can be described as the two core Hornets. In addition, the injury last season by McGee, the season back, immediately to the team to bring athleticism, and to enhance the team defense on the prominent role.

Clifford coach as Van Gundy's assistant, Xi Bodu's brother, on the team's defense system is still very set, in view of the team inside the main rotation Zeller, Kaminsky, Hawes relatively soft, Walker's height is often the other against, he often arranged for Williams, McGee, Bartum three defensive strong front in the field is responsible for expanding the defensive area to compensate for defensive loopholes, let the team formed a defensive overall.

Now the Hornets is a balanced offensive and defensive team, Walker, McGee, Bartum, Williams, Zeller's starting lineup at both ends of the offensive and defensive are full of dominance. Their problems in the bench, Jeremy Lin left some rudderless feeling, and good players in the summer to get a large contract after the team more centripetal force, and they use a more reasonable contract signed Sessions to give Walker off the bench, but also signed Hibbert as a center of the supplement, such as through the internal potential or medium-term transactions continue to strengthen, the team will be improved, it seems Joe boss finally smile.

The most disappointing team - Minnesota, Wizards

Similarly, not all unexpected things are wonderful, a lot of the team's performance and play far less than expected. Although the month's game can not be finalized, such as the Celtics, pelicans gradually emerged in the wounded after the upward momentum has emerged, the Mavericks are still waiting for the old driver fully recovered and back to life, the Pacers in the end of Teague There are still looking after the defense of the past, but the Wolves and Wizards is deeply into the trough can not extricate themselves.

1, Minnesota

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

On the talent, the league did not say the team stronger than the Minnesota Timberwolves, this year most of the experts believe that the Timberwolves have to honor the talent, but they still play a mess, talent get together but no clear core play, although Wiggins has risen And often cut the score, Downs is also continued to progress, but the team is still customary Section III, the fourth quarter collapse, the team system confusion, the mentality of the players is still immature, Xi Bodu coach did not lead the team Play should be the results and level.

Xi Bodu coach there is a lot of work to do, the first is the defensive problem, supposedly Xibo Du is a defensive coach, but why the Wolves do not see the shadow of the defense? The ability of the players and there is no problem, the problem lies in attitude and execution above, they have enough talent to change the game with the defense, but has not been specifically implemented.

Followed by young players experience or inadequate, there is no veteran to give guidance. They are a lot of screenings in the leading case was overturned, the other defense strength to enhance the team immediately could not stand, and no implementation of tactics, the ability to follow up the score, the beginning of a variety of confusion singles, with the mistakes began to increase Or hit rate decreased, the collapse of the natural occurrence. At the same time as Garnett's retirement, the team is not a big brother to boost morale, urge everyone to defend, young players tend to mentality is not mature enough to bite the score, they continue to pay the cost of growth.

The main problem is that the team talent get together but no clear core play, no clear tactical system, Wigan and Downs in the end is a single-core or dual-core linkage? Downs is very stable data, is a star center of the embryo, but he also needs to lead the team in the defensive end, at the crucial moment of the selection of the best play, Wiggins is the outbreak of the season, but the key moment And has not been entrusted with the task.

Timberwolves in KG era after a long time has not been to the playoffs, and everyone at the beginning of the season is full of anticipation, because their talent is too good, but with the season, everyone's mood again and again fell to the bottom , Was hoped that the Xi Bodu coach has not found a practical way, a good hand is still playing bad, is really a headache and regret the Minnesota Timberwolves.

2, Wizards

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

Wizards really disappointing, the team marshal Brooks, with a maximum salary contract locked core players Bill, the Lord will not have major injuries, Morris has contributed at both ends of the offensive and defensive, Gortat is inside Of the gates, the season before the playoffs is the team's lowest goal. However, Morris, Porter and Bill have not found an effective means of scoring, Wall became impatient in the game, and Ma Xinmi's absence, the current Wizards, 41 wins last season, 41 negative even worse when many , Wall and Bill's gold backcourt does not bring victory for the team.

Wizards offensive efficiency is low, defensive efficiency is worse, are ranked Union countdown. Although the field under the H-23.5 points, 8.9 assists and 4 rebounds comprehensive data, Porter usher in the outbreak, Bill recently began to exposed edge, but this Wizards still did not find the door to victory, the future is slim.

Off-season Wizards to 120 million in 5 years to renew Bill, now it seems this should be the Wizards biggest flaw, Bill in addition to the occasional outbreak, most of the performance of the screening is difficult to match the maximum salary contract. The contract allows the team boss Wall very emotional, the two young people could have been propped up a team, but because of salary and status of the team trouble, delay the performance on the pitch.

The worst team - calf

首月球队总结:快船最佳 森林狼奇才令人失望

The season began a month, the Mavericks record actually worse than the 76 people, although Nowitzki missed more games, but the Mavericks are Barnes, Delong, Bogut, Barea, Matthews, a small library , Which will not be worse into this, right?

Previously Texas three illusion: Mavericks are very weak, the Spurs are very old, the rocket is very strong, some of this eventually become a true proposition, the Mavericks really weak, weak when the rocket, only the Spurs are old can also be used as the old Terrier Kane some. There is the legendary Southwest Division has no underdog, has been dragged by the pelican, and now the pelican gradually returned to the wounded soldiers after a flying trend, but the Mavericks have seriously pulled the hind leg of the Southwest Division.

Pre-season experts generally believe that the introduction of Barnes is a big contract Mavericks is a mistake, the Mavericks record will decline, but there is a certain strength. The reality is that Barnes proved with a strength of their own plasticity, he can bear more responsibility on the offensive end, so many negatives shut up. Unfortunately, Barnes's progress is not good for the team's record, the Mavericks have only won the Lakers and the Bucks each time, 2 wins and 12 defeated champion signed away.

Dirk is close to 40 years old, Barnes is still adapting to the core players of the play, Matthews continued downturn, the team bench and durability are not enough, Their coach Carlisle is tactical masters can not do anything, now the Mavericks really lack the talent, they are not as good as before.

The current results also verify the importance of Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks is indeed a single-core team led the team, the team can only hope that the driver has been in his career as soon as possible to restore health, To save this lack of defense, no vitality, even the master of the Carlisle tactics are not moving with the team, the old driver to save it!

Eastern Top Eight:

1, Cleveland 11 wins and 2 more than the knights in the east has little rivals;

2, Eagles 10 wins 5 losses World of Warcraft Eagle a new look, there is room to run up;

3, the Raptors 9 wins and 6 losses DeRozan re-evolution, the Raptors is still the eastern tyrannical;

4, the Celtics 9 wins and 6 losses With the return of Horford and get back defense, Celtics rankings will rise;

5, the Bulls 9 wins and 6 losses "three rejection vote" than the imaginary fly, Butler and Wade's team will not be bad;

6, the Hornets 8 wins and 6 losses of their systems offensive and defensive degrees, is expected to become the eastern part of the dark horse;

7, 7 wins and 7 losses the Knicks did not expect strong, fairly performance quite satisfactory;

8, the Bucks 6 wins 7 losses the team's talent there is a lot of space, Kidd's crazy experiment continues.

Western Top 8:

1, Clippers 14 wins and 2 losses offensive and defensive team, the main force to the invincible off the bench;

2, the Warriors 13 wins 2 losses attack Union first, to defeat them only themselves;

3, the Spurs 12 wins 3 negative waves of the team never have to worry about, they are too stable;

4, Grizzlies 10 wins 5 heavy gold left the main lineup they can still wear any team;

5, the Rockets 9 wins 6 negative over-reliance on Harden, his play determines the team's ceiling;

6, Thunder 8 wins and 8 losses Wei Shaoyong fierce invincible, the team needed further integration;

7, the Jazz 8 wins and 8 losses have not played due level, ranking will rise;

8, the Lakers 8 wins and 8 losses record far more than expected, Zijin Legion fire reburning.