[NBA News] The rocket was once leading double-digit case of negative thunder

Rockets away to 103-105 loss to the Thunder, the home team ended a four-game losing streak. The rocket was once leading double figures in the case of lost good bureau. Harden finished only 4 of 16 shots to get 13 points 6 rebounds and 13 assists, scoring a season low. Westbrook is to get 30 points and seven rebounds and nine assists. Houston city team 9 debut, at least get 9 points or more.

The field star: Oradi wave performance brave

Wei less error flooding, Harden is like sleepwalking, the two big cards are poor performance. It touches Oradi Bo played well, the audience scored 29 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists, and offensive efficiency is very high, the audience hit 18 goals in 12 balls.

Competition trend: the end of the rocket crash

Thunder played the perfect start, Oradeibo hit three points, less than 5 minutes, the home team to 17-6 lead. Then Oradeibo layup and then, Capella layup, Anderson and Capella then scored 5 points, the Rockets hold back to start counterattack. Nene defender succeeded after the Decker and then in the third, the score closer to 18-21. However, scores come faster, to the fast, driven by less in the Wei, Thunder re-establish the lead. The first section of the last minute Harden hit porcelain success, two free throws, the rocket to 32-38 behind.

火箭7人上双负雷霆 韦少30分哈登得分创新低

Capella made two free throws, Decker and Gordon scored four points, the Rockets tied less than 1 minute, forcing Donovan to request a suspension NBA 2K17 MT. Just suspended after the game is still active control of the rocket, Ennis surprisingly well, he assists Brewer third of the baseline shot, 52-47. Fortunately, Oradeibo and Westbrook teamed up to stabilize the situation, Wei less spells under the offensive rebounds to complete the second attack, 54 level. Two teams matched, no matter which side are unable to pull the score, the end of the war into a 63-65. Wei less two scored 20 points, Harden poor state, only 1 vote in only 6 to get 5 points.

Ex situ rebounding Ariza with 5 points, Harden raid layup, rocket to 70-65 lead. Westbrook feel down, however, is a small Gordon raised his hand hit the third. Although Harden scoring seems very general, but the assists data is brush to double digits. 3 minutes and 53 seconds left in the section, Harden again pass, Anderson wings hit long-range wing, 86-76. Feel the cornerstone of the poor after the completion of the third mobile war goals, outside Biao in the long-range. Last minute Grant hit three points, Oradeibo cut into the layup, the Rockets with 90-85 score into the distal.

Thunder early to replace the small Wei early play, Kanter storm succeeded, the score closer to 94-96. But after the home team wasted several excellent opportunities, on the contrary Harden hit a close range hit, Capella and Harden finished with empty access. Wei less stem three-point hit, two offensive teams are very inefficient, 3 minutes before the end of the game, Oradeibo hit three-pointers. Small Gordon and Harden or missed, Robertson and Wei less space to take, the Thunder to 102-100 go-ahead.

Anderson is not, Harden grabbed the offensive rebounds, the small Gordon layup cap. Westbrook mistakes, Trevor Ariza, one-third of the bottom line to continue to miss. Wei less internal fouls after two free throws, Harden in the game before the end of the arc top of 17.9 seconds not in the third, although Wei less mistakes by Harden steals, but Harden followed by mistakes. Wrong into the wrong, the game before the end of 5.5 seconds Wei less break one-handed split button, the Rockets hopeless situation.

Game Highlights: Harden hit the porcelain was mad boo

Although Harden was one of the Thunder three less, but is the so-called confrontation between the two armed forces, each of its main. The first section of the last minute, when Harden forced to touch the porcelain, manufacturing Morrow foul on the free-throw line, the scene suddenly booed. After all, from the slow motion playback point of view, Harden is deliberately create "accident scene." But for the old folks booed, Harden was calmly, firmly two free throws.

Both starting lineup

Thunder: Westbrook, Oradeibo, Robertson, small Sabonis, Adams

Rockets: Harden, Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Anderson, Capella