[NBA News] The Rockets did not lose back to back second

Rockets this season has brought many surprises to the outside world, so far, the Rockets never lost back to back the second game, they back to back the second record of 6 wins and 0 losses, even if the Warriors, Cavaliers and Spurs this season Can be unbeaten in the second field back to back.

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The Rockets quickly adjusted after losing to the Spurs and easily beat their opponents in a back-to-back game against the Suns, allowing the Rockets to keep a record and remain unbeaten in their second-back games.

The Rockets have so far played six back to back, in November 2nd after losing to the Knights, they on November 3 victory over the Knicks.

November 17, the team lost the Thunder, but then, they are in the 18 game against the Trail Blazers won 17 points.

December 2, the Rockets and the Warriors fighting overtime two hours, the final away win over opponents, then, they non-stop to Denver, and in the December 3 back-to-back game victory over the Nuggets.

December 10, the Rockets win over the Thunder, the two sides fight to the last minute, and then, the Rockets in the back-to-back game with 22 points advantage over the Mavericks.

December 17, the Rockets beat the Pelican, but then they turn the Timberwolves in turn and overtime, completed a wave of 10-game winning streak, turned and beaten to death in Texas, Xiaoqiang.

Rockets this season show enough toughness, the face of difficult schedule, the Rockets did not choose to holiday, the team made an excellent record behind the fighting spirit of the players deserve recognition, so far, in addition to the rocket, the league Only the Clippers and the Grizzlies did not lose the second game back to back. Even if the Warriors, Knights and Spurs, also in the back-to-back second field over the boat.

Rockets can maintain such a toughness, and Harden's leader inseparable, at present, Harden has 16 games to get at least 25 points and 10 assists in the league ranked first in the 2015-16 season, Westbrook Is the most played this data the number of players, but the whole season, but also 17 times to do this, and now Harden is just playing 30 games only, he not only take on the offensive responsibility, but also effectively revitalized his teammates.

Even the rocket boss Alexander also praised the toughness of the rocket, in an interview before, Alexander also said: "This team is in accordance with the expected way to play, these guys have survived, especially at a critical moment even more so . "