[NBA News] Thunder in the face of jazz their offensive weak final loss of 89 to 109

Yesterday, a big loss to the pioneer of the Thunder today to continue the road trip, in the face of jazz they still attack fatigue, the final 89 to 109 negative. Wei less in seven consecutive triple-double after three consecutive games did not get three pairs of 27 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Adams 10 points and 5 rebounds, Kant 19 points; Sir Gobel 12 points 12 rebounds and 3 blocks, Hayward 17 points, Hood 25 points and 5 points.

韦少27+6+5连续三场无三双 雷霆负爵士两连败

The field of stars: Eiffel Tower under the basket Atlas

Gobel in the game to get 12 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks, 5 shots in 5 shots, 2 free throws in the penalty 2. Although the performance from the data point of view in general, but the performance of Goebel far beyond his field of data.

In the game, Gobel in the basket on the Thunder's offensive inhibition is very large. Wei Shao's breakthrough is difficult to work, and Adams again and again in the basket of the attack were without success. 3 blocks is an intuitive expression, in fact, the intangible basket of deterrence than the role of his cap data is greater. Jazz players in turns in the case of multiple injuries to achieve today's results, Gobel when the first home.

Competition Review: Thunder team feel cold

Jazz first to find the game after the start feel, Hood hit two three-pointers, Dior and Gobel also hit their own ball, Jazz in the first quarter 7 minutes 54 seconds left to 10 to 2 lead. Thunder quickly hold their ground, began to organize a counterattack. Grant and Sabonisi hit three-pointers, the difference between the two sides narrowed.

However, when the Thunder's main players after the end of the previous efforts are wasted. In the first section of the game the rest of the last 2 minutes, Ingalls hit three points, Jazz will lead extended to double digits. Fortunately, the first quarter of the last minute in the first quarter of the backcourt of the field behind the three-point line to vote in a super long-range buzzer, Thunder to 21 to 26 only 5 points behind the end of the first section.

Section II after the start of the game, Hayward led the Jazz bench and Thunder confrontation. Jazz in the second section shortly after the start of a small climax, even after 5 minutes, forcing the Thunder request to suspend, it seems back to back the second field of the Thunder players physical strength is a huge test. After the suspension of several of the main players put on the Jazz, playing more on the offensive clouds. In the second quarter of the remaining 6 minutes and 09 seconds, Hood hit the game the first four individual three-pointers, Jazz to 46 to 27 points ahead of 19 points.

The second half of the second half of the play a bit dull, but in the first half of the last attack, Mark hit the buzzer three-pointers, Jazz to 55 to 41 lead over the first half. In the first half of the game Wei only 14 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, the first half of the game Jazz hit nine three-pointers, which is the key to their lead.

The second half after the start of the game Thunder replacement starting lineup, veteran Collison replace Grant, Morrow replacement small Sabonis debut. Adams stormed twice in a row inside succeeded, Collison also hit a ball, the Thunder will be sent to narrow points to 9 points. Then Wei less hit a three-pointer, the Thunder chase the score 50 to 56, Jazz request to suspend.

After the suspension of Hayward and Hood continuous attack succeeded, delay the momentum of the Thunder chase points. Joe - Johnson hit the third, the Jazz will be re-expanded to 11 points. Thunder struggling to recover but often without success, the first three games ended, the Thunder is still 68 to 80 behind 12 points.

The last section of the game is still no improvement Thunder, Jazz open play 10 to 4, 8 minutes left in the game when the leading 18 points. But in the game with 6 minutes left, Gobel because of 5 fouls and the end of the break, the Thunder to see the reversal of the dawn. However, Oradeibo's absence or to attack the impact of the Thunder, Thunder finally back to the day, 87 to 107 lost the game, suffered two straight, the game Thunder hit rate was only 36.6%. In the last four games, the Thunder lost three games.

Both sides starting:

Thunder: small Sabonis, Robertson, Grant, Adams, Westbrook

Jazz: Hayward, Dior, Gobel, Aksum, Hood