[NBA News] Today's rocket to 13 wins and 7 losses record league fourth team is showing an excellent

Mike - D'Antoni is no longer a mustache, upper lip scratched clean, watching the Rockets on the court maneuvering, furiously projected three-pointers, he seemed to return to the time in Phoenix coaching the sun. At that time, he advocated the run-off attack swept the NBA. At that time, his sun is the most beautiful offensive team. Unfortunately, later in the Knicks, or in the Lakers, he failed to reproduce the kind of attack, his reputation fell to the bottom.

The Rockets this season, D'Antoni finally regained his proud gesture. In his transformation, the rocket is to reproduce the sun ran bombers. They are averaging 14.0 three-pointers, beat the Warriors and Cavaliers ranked first in the league. They are getting better, set off a storm run, even on the road to pick the Warriors. D'Antoni 's run - bing formula finally worked again, or belong to his familiar taste.

Harden really like Nash pass

Many people say that D'Antoni made Steve Nash, Nash from an All-Star point guard into a MVP-level point guard. But there are a lot of people say, Nash achievements of the D'Antoni, if not Nash, D'Antoni's run of H-beat. They then combined as the situation will be, the collision of the gorgeous spark, each other achievements each other.

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This time, the combination of D'Antoni and Harden is also the situation will be. D'Antoni's defeat at the Knicks and the Lakers was an important reason for not having a good point guard. This summer came to the Rockets, D'Antoni early to set the plan, Harden pushed to the point guard position, to achieve a win-win situation.

D'Antoni finally has a super point guard running his run-bang system, and Harden to achieve a leap in basketball career. Under the system of running the boom as the point guard, Harden fish like water. Last season the rocket attack is very astringent, full of a lot of one-on-one singles. This season, the Rockets replaced the play, also replaced the player configuration, Eric - Gordon and Ryan - Anderson to join, so that the team's offensive space to expand, more diversified attack routine.

Most importantly, when Harden ball attack, the Rockets other four players no longer stand still, waiting for shooting, they are actively post moves, disrupt the opponent's defense. Harden is waiting for his attack, or the ball hanging inside the big man layup, or to the outside of the pitcher shooting.

This is Harden for the first time this season as full-time point guard, but he quickly adapted to this role, this season averaged 28.3 points, 7.6 rebounds and 11.8 assists. Before the start of the season, D'Antoni joked, hoping Harden's assists per game this season, twice the number of last season, averaging 7.5 assists per game last season, twice is 15 assists.

D'Antoni's goal is a bit high, but Harden averaged 11.8 assists per game, and he was number one in assists. Harden is like D'Antoni's another Nash, but D'Antoni's evaluation of Harden even higher than Nash. "It's not easy to find a guy like Harden in history, maybe 'Magic' Johnson, but Harden is more of a 'magician' because 'Magic' is not three-pointers, Anyway, now Harden is our 'magician'! "D'Antoni said with a smile.

Of course, Harden from the "magician" is still a lot worse, people "magician" is harvested five championship rings of legend, Harden from the "magician" is still far too far . "Harden is very special, he is now one of the popular MVP, he used his performance to prove that he can make his teammates become better." Harden is very special, he is now one of the MVP popular.

"Magic" special praised the transformation of the rocket D'Antoni, in his view, if there is no D'Antoni, Harden this season can not play so well. "You have to give D'Antoni a favor because he makes the change (let Harden play point guard), hands the ball to Harden and lets him make all the decisions I think Harden does on the floor It's a great decision, "said the magician.

D'Antoni said before the season that he would play Harden into another Nash, it seems he did, Harden really into the league's super-point guard. In the latest regular season MVP standings, Harden ranked second only to Wei Shao. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, when Harden was asked who would be the current MVP this season, Harden replied, "The Beard." He was confident of himself.

Rockets third storm alliance the strongest

Which team is the NBA's third most fiercely fire team? The answer is not a tsunami brother of the warriors, nor knights, but D'Antoni led the rocket. Attack, attack, and then attack, this is the style of D'Antoni. Do not expect his team to become a strong defensive team, it has never been his hobby, his bones flowing with offensive blood.

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"We will not be the best defensive team, but we hope we can become the best offensive team, so we only need to be a good defensive team on the line.We can do this, we can certainly do This is D'Antoni 's desire to make it before the season.

Rockets this season, averaging 111.3 points, ranking second in the league, the Warriors to get 119.1 points per game ranked first. However, the three-point firepower of the rocket is more fierce than the Warriors, they averaged 14.0 three-point shot into the first knight, averaging 13.3 threes into the Cavaliers ranked second, the Warriors were dropped into the 12.2 three The ball ranked third.

D'Antoni's run-in just coincides with Morey's idea of ​​the magic ball. Morey is trying to score in the most efficient way, while the efficient way of scoring on the basketball court is three-pointers, layups and free throws. "If you are on the outside long shot, will create space for the inside, this is what we need to do, but also what we are trying to do." D'Antoni said. Rockets inside the season scoring 42.0 points, ranked No. 13 league, belonging to the league middle level.

Now inside and outside the rocket, with more and more understanding, especially in the Rockets away to defeat the Warriors 132 than 127, the rocket soldiers confidence. "It will definitely improve our self-confidence, we can compete with any team in the league, we still have a long way to go," Harden said.

Today the Rockets to 13 wins and 7 losses record league fourth, the team is showing an excellent upward momentum. "The Rockets already have a D'Antoni brand, which is completely different from the one he coached the Lakers and the Knicks before, and the two teams do not have Harden this type of player, so I think the Rockets are very For D'Antoni, "said Magic Johnson. D'Antoni's dream of running and rebounding in Houston, his team has always been crazy attack, which belongs to his unique flavor.