[NBA News] Tony - Parker defends the Spurs tradition of heavy responsibility After the end of the se

Now, as Tony Duncan did when David Robinson retired, Tony Parker took on the task of leading the Spurs to defend the Spurs tradition.

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"I'm just trying to make sure the team wins and the traditions continue, and obviously we're going to miss Duncan, you can not replace Duncan, and we have to do it differently." "

Over the years, the Spurs pass the fire, the core change several generations, but the tradition has not lost. "There are a lot of talented teams in the league, but no team can keep that level for 15-20 years," Parker said. "There's a reason we do that because everyone is unselfish and nobody is going to be overriding On the team and I think this is incredible, from Robinson to Duncan, Manu Ginobili, I, and then Leonard, LaMarcus - Aldridge, everything began Buford, Bobowei Odd two high-level, everyone thought is the team, this is what we want to do. "

"I always said I was lucky to have played for 16 years in the league and still be able to do what I was doing. I was lucky to be a starting point guard in a strong team.

This season, with age, Parker's role is changing, his data down, but he does not think this is the reason he questioned the outside world. "People always want to bury me, but you can not let those words affect you," Parker said. "I really do not care. I'm just focusing on the team and doing what I have to do to help the team win. I just want to make sure the team win, no matter how good or bad I am, I 'm still a member of the Spurs.

Popovich believes that Parker's understanding of the team system so that he is still the Spurs offensive core members. Parker said: "I have said many times, as long as Popovich happy, the Spurs satisfied with my performance, these are all I care about, I can not control how the outside world, I will not let the ego over the team For me, the team is the most important, if I had to reduce the aggressiveness, to ensure that Leonard and Adelaide played well, I will do that, I never care about their own data.

This season, Parker averaged only 9.7 points, from the rookie season after his scoring for the first time did not enter the team the first three, even the reserve point guard Mills score more than he. However, before the war with the Hornets, Parker or dropped into the key ball, the Wizards also hit a new high under the H-20 points. Parker understand, no longer serve as the core of the attack, he needs to enhance the ability to grasp the opportunity.

"Leonard and Ade are our main points, we attack around them, they will go get points," Parker said, "Everyone must be prepared, and sometimes I, sometimes Jasper Sometimes, Mills or Green, everyone has to be prepared, and even if you can not get a lot of shots, you have to know that when you get the chance, you have to hit the ball and that 's the reality.

Parker said that after the end of next season when the contract expires, he did not intend to retire. Parker said he was retired from the French national team, is to extend their career in the Spurs. Parker said: "I want to play this season after the end of 5 years, it is my dream, if I remain healthy, Popovich still want me to stay team.