[NBA News] Warriors capture Celtic six-game winning streak

Warriors away to 104-88 victory over the Celtics, ho take six straight. Thompson scored 28 points, Durant contributed 23 points and 10 rebounds and 7 assists, Curry 16 points and 7 assists. After the game, Steve Cole to get coaching career in the first 150 wins, becoming the fastest in NBA history to get 150 wins coach.

This field star: Durant ultra high efficiency

勇士擒凯尔特人六连胜 杜兰特23+10汤普森28分

Full game Adu 13-for-10, the contribution of 23 points and 10 rebounds and 7 assists, high efficiency. Because Claude can not debut of the reason, Durant use height to eat opponents, can be said to demand.

Competition trend: Warriors wave away the green army

Celtics lack of generals, Horford and Claude these two main can not debut. But by virtue of the tenacious fighting spirit, the Celtics start with the Warriors stalemate. Smarter storm succeeded, the score labeled 12-12. Then the Warriors blasted a wave of 9-0, small Thomas with 4 points, Andre Iguodala with the same 2 balls. Small Thomas made two free throws in the foul, long-range wing Biao Luo Zier, 23-25. Zeller jumper tied the score, Durant and Zeller each scored 2 points, McAdoo then Adu assists single-handed split button hit, the Warriors to 29-27 lead.

Celtic times section is still working with the Thunder to deal with, West break layup, Jerebko hit the basket strong fight. The visiting team is always firmly in control of the game, Gerald - Green at this time to come forward, he hit three consecutive points, the Celtics pulled the score to 44-46. Green hit two free throws NBA 2K17 MT, Thompson turned jumper turn. However, before the end of the half-time Warriors again force, Curry and Durant hit again and again, with Thompson's breakthrough pick basket succeeded, two scores freeze in 55-48.

7 points difference is not large, but the Warriors suddenly in ex situ war effort, half of the time, the visiting team played a wave of 24-3 crazy climax, Pachulia jumper, the Georgia center and even excited Jumped the dance. Celtics offensive again and again obstacles, until the section 4 minutes 31 seconds left, only by Smart break layup, complete the second mobile warfare goals. Luo Zier made two free throws finally narrowed the gap to some, Clark then hit long shots, West and then the buzzer. Warriors hit a single opponent a single 31-9 to 86-57 lead a full 29 points. Celtics this section of the mobile war hit only 2 balls, attack completely paralyzed.

Celtics struggling to fight back distal, half of the time to recover 10 points. Unfortunately, digging digging before too much, Brown, one-third hit the bottom line, the score becomes 81-97. Unfortunately all is too late, the game into the garbage time.

Game Highlights: Durant knocked the referee

The game hit the third quarter, the Warriors downwind, but Durant was in an attack hit the referee. It is worth mentioning that Adu knocked down or female referee.

Both starting lineup

Celtics: Thomas, Bradley, Smart, Johnson, Olnic

Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia