[NBA News] Warriors on the road to achieve 16 points reversed

Warriors on the road to achieve 16 reversal to 117-101 beat the Nets, get 6-game winning streak at the same time to send opponents 4-game losing streak. The first half, in the absence of Raymond - Green, the Warriors were 16 points behind, but the Warriors single section of the third quarter net margin of 20 points, they complete the reversal with excellent defense, the second half lost only 36 points.


Star of the audience: Durant

In the absence of Green, Curry feel bad circumstances, Durant to assume the scoring and defensive responsibilities, he has to attack the offensive end of the city, defensive side from time to time for Lopez. Eventually, Durant played a comprehensive offensive and defensive data, led to complete the reversal.

Game Playback:

The first section of the game, the start of the third hit Thompson, Lopez Glenealy 5 points, Durant and Bogdanovic on the soaring one-third, the two sides lead alternately. Lopez hit a jumper, the Nets take the initiative, Bogdanovic Glenealy 5 points, Lopez third fire full, Kilpatrick layup, the Nets 20-12 lead 8 points. Warriors led by the Big Three led the 8-0 attack wave was tied, but Jeremy Lin hit the third and assists Bogdanovic layup, the Nets once again take the initiative. Jeremy Lin end of the break, West and Thompson scored 5 points in the long shot, the Warriors go-ahead. Curry and Harris on the soaring one-third, the first section of the end of the Warriors 33-34 behind 1 minute.

Second section of the game, Kyle Patrick hit third, the Nets start on a wave of wave 9-0, leading to 43-33 to 10 points. West and Durant continuous cast, Jefferson answered with two layups, the Nets always stay ahead. Jeremy Lin debut, the Nets frenzy wave after wave, he continued assists Jefferson, Lopez score, the Nets lead to 14 points. Pachulia basket storm Glenealy 4, Jeremy Lin twice instigated attack connection Lopez retaliate, this section of the Nets in Jeremy Lin's go-between team attack sharp, and the Warriors are caught in the singles. Halftime, Lopez foul 2 foul 2, the Nets leading 65-49 16 points into the second half.

Durant hit 2 +1, Lu Ni dunks, Curry one-third, the Warriors instantly blasted 12-0 attack wave, the difference will be narrowed to only the poor 4 points. Lopez layup for the Nets to stop bleeding, but Pachulia jumper, Thompson hit third, the Warriors catch only 1 point. Jeremy Lin hit one-third but to no avail, Pachulia and Durant Glenealy 4 points, Thompson hit third, the Warriors 73-70 go-ahead. Thompson and Durant fire full, Harris hit three consecutive points, the Nets did not let the points difference opened. Section III the last 2 minutes, Andre Iguodala and Thompson hit the third straight, Kilpatrick hit a jumper, West 2 penalty 2, the end of the Warriors 88-84 three points ahead of four points. Single game, the Nets net negative 20 points.

Distal game, the Warriors did not give the Nets opportunities, Durant took over six points to attack Glenealy, Andre Iguodala hit third, Livingston layup, the Warriors 101-91 lead by 10 points. Livingston dunks, sprinkler brothers outside the fire, the Warriors to establish a 15-point advantage. The overall situation has been set, before the end of the game 3 minutes 10 seconds, the Nets replaced Jeremy Lin, Lopez and other main, announced surrender. In the end, the Warriors away to achieve 16 points reversed, beat the Nets to get 6 game winning streak.

Competition Highlights:

The first half, Durant in the defense in the soles of the feet slipping, a butt squat to the ground, he fell to the ground after the foot is also linked to the opponent stumble each other, the referee blew Durant foul. Durant unhappy, the results received a technical foul.

Both sides starting:

Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Lu Ni, Pachulia

Nets: Jeremy Lin, Kilpatrick, Bogdanovic, Booker, Lopez