[NBA News] Who is the first killer Christmas war

Christmas Wars, 69 years of history so far, is the star of the battlefield is a hotbed of legend.

Who is the king of Christmas Wang? Because of the different standards of judgment, it is difficult to come to a conclusion. Such as the 16 battle to get 395 points Kobe Bryant, ranked first in the Christmas war total score, his regret is that 16 games, 6 wins and 10 losses, and his historical position completely inconsistent; and just like riding in the war under the H-31 Points to replace Wade became the NBA history of Christmas war scoring the third James, and never in this game in a single field to get 40 points, there are flaws.

Then the goal of another competition, who is the first Christmas fighting device to kill?

He, and James in the Christmas war direct dialogue, H under 41 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds at the same time, but also take away, he also played three Christmas war, averaging 43.3 points under H, beyond Jordan's 28.3 points; victory.

He is Tracy McGrady.

Christmas war, star brush points is not easy

Christmas war, is the star of the stage.

One of the special characteristics of the Christmas war, that is, every game will be the nation's live, 2016-17 season 5 games, by ESPN and ABC two national television broadcast, and time completely staggered, the two teams fighting, during the game Exclusive national basketball fans attention. Only a good record, or have a super star and the future star of the team, in order to get favor, get a Christmas war tickets.

Howard in his career on behalf of the magic, the Lakers and the Rockets three teams played seven games of Christmas war, but joined the Hawks, he is no longer a dominant player, also lost the qualification to play Christmas Wars. "If you were at Christmas, that would mean you were a good team, and you did a great job," Howard said. "I like Christmas and I prefer to play at Christmas and do not want to sit at home , Look forward to the future in the Christmas war appearance.

But this does not mean that the Christmas war will be superstar brush sub-stage.

Since 1947, the first time since the Christmas war, only two single-game scoring more than 50 points, Bernard - Kim in 1984, 60 points, and Rick - Barry in 1966 to get 50 points, we know the record Kobe Bryant, his career hit 16 Christmas war, had a single field H under 81 points, but the highest points of the Christmas War, the highest point in the history of Christmas, , Also only 42 points.

Because the role of players do not want to become a basketball feast of the jacket, for them, the Christmas war has a special significance.

Jason - Terry, on behalf of the Mavericks, Celtics, the Nets and the Rockets played the Christmas war, although are supporting roles, but every time he was particularly excited. "Normally, I will have dinner with my family on Christmas Eve and if I can play in Christmas, I will invite them to watch, so I will try my best," Terry said. .

Superstar often encounter in the Christmas battle sniper, in order to easily score, is not easy, even occasionally capsize capsize. Bryant is a typical example, 2004 to 2006, because Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal's grudge, the Lakers and the Heat for three consecutive years in the Christmas war encounter, the first two encounters, Bryant added up to 79 points under the Hornets, but the Christmas war in 2006, Bryant defeated Michael City, 4 of 17 shots, only to get 16 points.

Only Tracy McGrady is an exception.

Three 40 +, Tracy McGrady admire Zhan Huang

In 2000, Tracy McGrady joined the Magic, the first to play the Christmas war, the face of the season to enter the finals of the Pacers, Tracy McGrady played 44 minutes, H-43 points, also got 9 rebounds, 2 caps, not once Unfortunately, Grant Hill was absent because of injuries, Tracy McGrady's side filled with Darrell - Armstrong, John - Armitage such parallel imports, the only later to play the famous Mike - Miller, was only rookie. Magic 93 to 103 less than the Pacers.

In 2002, Tracy McGrady once again become the protagonist of the Christmas war, the audience 26 of 14 shots down 46 points, led the Magic beat the Pistons. Unknown, that year on December 15, the Magic and the Lakers a war, Tracy McGrady was Kobe elbow waist, only played 23 minutes, December 18, Tracy McGrady back, playing 17 minutes the body can not support only Leave, until the Christmas war back, he still did not restore all the state.

Yes, Christmas war H under 46 points McGrady or a wounded. "I have to tell myself, 'We have to let him (McGrady) end, but I had to leave him in the field," Doug - Rivers said he was the magic coach. Tracy McGrady is not willing to miss the Christmas war, he said: "I am up on the kidney hormone, sitting on the sidelines frustrating, I hate when the spectators, I have not 100% recovery, but this is enough for me to play.

Do you think this is the limit of Tracy McGrady? James said no.

In 2003, McGrady once again boarded the stage of Christmas war, this time the league arranged for his opponent is James.

As the NBA as expected, McGrady and James played a game known as the greatest Christmas war, but with the NBA expected different is that two talented high school students contest, Tracy McGrady is the only winner, to just Zhan Huang into the league a lesson, the Magic 113 to 101 overtime in the Knights defeated. Although James got 34 points, 6 assists, but there are 8 turnovers, and in the regular time the last 5 minutes and 35 seconds without a point, overtime lost 4 shots.

Tracy McGrady once again get crazy data, 41 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds and 3 steals.

James was completely impressed. "He is an all-star, future Hall of Fame player," James said, "a player like him, you can not stop, can only try to contain." When a reporter asked James, why the game critical moment, he did not (Rookie season, because the coach arrangement, James more point guard and shooting guard to play back, he is a small forward, and we are not in the right position, ) "

Yao Mai absence, leaving the greatest regret

Tracy McGrady in 2003 after the Christmas war, has shown weariness of the emotions. "Obviously this is Christmas and I'd rather be with my family," McGrady said. "Of course, playing is my job, especially with young people like LeBron and it 's easy to get interested.

But he did not think that this is his last Christmas war.

In 2004, Tracy McGrady to the rocket, Yao Ming and Yao composition of the combination, but never missed the Christmas war. In Yao's career, only the second season to attend the Christmas war, the face of the OK OK combination of the Lakers Yao Ming 14 to vote 8 to get 18 points, 8 rebounds, the Rockets surprise to 99 to 87 victory over the Lakers. But the Houston people once again experience the Christmas war, Yao Mai combination, has become a magic board combination.

Why does Yao Mai miss the Christmas war?

ABC, the NBA's television broadcast partner, dominated the Christmas campaign in 2004-07, but because of the contract, they can only broadcast a game on Christmas Day, if there are two Christmas war or More, ABC has only the right of first choice, other sessions will be handed over to NBC or ESPN.

In order to maximize the protection of their own interests, ABC television strongly urged the Christmas war shrunk, which led to three NBA season combined to play only 5 Christmas war. This one, ABC has specifically designated a, that is, we know Kobe Bryant and O'Neill resentment duel - from 2004 to 2006, the Christmas war, they played three times, because 2004, 2005 Christmas war ratings are particularly good, to the The summer of 2006, NBA arrangements for the game system, ABC specifically requested, the 2006 World War II only arranged a game, or the Lakers vs Heat.

Yao Mai combination is not attractive, they are only the victims of television.

This also gives Yao Mai left a huge regret, if this combination can appear in the Christmas war, they in the end can get what kind of data? Especially Tracy McGrady, if the fourth play Christmas war, he can continue to cut 40 +?

No answer, no answer.