[NBA News] Without James knight can only bottom him in 76 people can enter the finals

With or without James, Cleveland is completely different from the two teams. This, in the last few games of the Cavaliers, reflected most vividly. The lack of James Knight, away to the troubled Pacers; and with James Knight, you can easily hang the opponent. So the question ensues, James for a team, the value of how much?

Zhan Huang truce = Knight finished

Although the season just opened, but considering the old Tannoy old age, Tyler - Lu considerate arrangements for James in the Nov. 17 game against the Pacers. The results of this break, out of the big problem, the Cavaliers in front of the Pacers seem to be naked, easily rival turned dry. The new season, no Zhan version of Knight, lost the first game.

This is not accidental phenomenon, in fact, no Knight of James, you can use the "weak burst" to describe. James missed a total of six games last season, the Cavaliers were lost to the Pistons, the Pacers, Rockets, Wizards and Miami, just beat the Mavericks, and 2014-15 season, James missed a total of 13 games, Cleveland lost to the Celtics, The Kings, the Warriors, the Rockets, the Sixers, the Bucks, the Eagles, the Mavericks and the Thunder, beat the Trail Blazers, the Hornets and the Wizards. Comprehensive calculation, James missed a total of 20 games, the knight's record of 4 wins and 16 losses for the poor, the winning percentage of only 20% of the poor.

This is a very terrible data, you know Knight is a by James, Owen and Lok Fu composed of the Big Three team, in addition to also have JR, Hong Porter and other strong role players. But once the lack of James, Knight is the bottom of the league level. Last season, for example, the bottom of the 76 people winning percentage of 12.2%, compared with 20.7% of the Lakers. In the absence of James, the Cavaliers had to be reduced to 76 people than rotten.

The ultimate leader, the finals to ensure

In fact, a team with or without James, a great contrast. James made a "decision 1" before the 09-10 season, Cleveland regular season swept 61 wins, Union first name; James chose to leave, the Cavaliers would like to get into a mine elevator, 61 wins from 19 wins. James joined the Heat before the Heat's record of 47 wins, the first round of the playoffs by the Celtics out; James joined the team's record to 58 wins, swept the eastern into the finals. With or without James, the record on the embodiment is so intuitive.

In the Heat's four seasons, the Heat scored 58 wins, 46 wins (note this season for the shrinking season, a total of 66 games), 66 wins and 54 wins; the Cavaliers record 19 wins, 21 wins For the shrinking season, a total of 66 games), 24 wins and 33 wins. In the case of James, the Heat is not the first record of the eastern part of the eastern second, while the Cavaliers year after year lottery. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, during the effectiveness of the Miami Heat, the Heat for 4 consecutive years into the finals, and get two championships.

没有詹皇骑士只能垫底 他在76人都能进总决赛

The 2014-15 season, James made "decision 2", choose to go home. Knight and Miami's fate instantly reversed. Knight jumped from 33 wins to 53 wins, ranking second in the east; the other hand, the Heat from 54 wins instantly fell to 37 wins. 2015-16 season, although the Heat in Wade's fight to get 48 wins, but the Knights of James 57 wins but dominate the East. Needless to say, in the past two seasons, James has also led the knights to reach the finals, and last season for his hometown harvest dream of O'Brien Gold Cup.

Many people have overlooked the point that James has six consecutive seasons led the two teams reached the finals, the powerful, could not help but awe.

Airborne any team, no problem

From the bicker's point of view, may be asked, if the James "airborne" to 76 people, the results will be? Not modest to say, James is very hopeful to Philadelphia this put bad professional households, into the finals NBA 2K17 Coins. Here may wish to do a group comparison, the finals in 2015, James is surrounded by teammates Delavidova, Hong Porter, Thompson and Mozgov. The bench sat JR, James - Jones, Mike - Miller, and Haywood, Perkins such a gas veterans.

The thought of Irving and Carrefour both injured, the Cavaliers will be vulnerable. However, the Warriors did not expect, full Zhan actually so terrible, under his leadership, the Knights once won two Councils, with a total score of 2-1 lead. Just hit the last really exhausted grain, had just disarmed. In contrast, the Cow silk version of the Knight compared to 76 people, it touches with Okafor, Enbi, Salich and other talented Philadelphia, looks more dynamic some.

At the same time do not forget, James also has a strong suction rainbow effect. For example, the 76ers are currently considered by many players to be a super bad team and will not be considered at all. But assuming that James chose to join 76 people, afraid of no star willing to come Baotuan? Not because of often ridicule James "hold the thigh", while ignoring his own Union is the fact that the thickest thigh. The most typical, than the return of Cavaliers after James in 2014, Carrefour then switched from Minnesota.

Save the Knight = to save any team

In fact, James left the four seasons, the Cavaliers combined record a total of 97 wins, winning only 31.1%, ranked last in the league, poor to unsightly, is the return of James, the team from The worst in the east, became the strongest in the east. From this level, James' s "decision 2" is of course wandering homesickness, but more is the identity of the rescuers, back to Cleveland.

没有詹皇骑士只能垫底 他在76人都能进总决赛

Of course, some people may whisper, James in this life in the eastern team, has never been to the west, to partial generalization really? But if you look at James's record against the Western team, they will not have such questions. In the 2015-16 season, the Cavaliers had a record of 35-17 against the Eastern Conference team and 22-8 against the Western Conference team, with the Knights competing against the Western Conference and winning even higher. Knights against the Eastern team in the 2014-15 season, the same record of 35 wins and 17 losses, and the West team battle record of 18 wins and 12 losses, taking into account the number of missed James season and a lot, we can see when he was present, Cleveland and the Western Conference team's winning streak still lost. From this point of view, the James airborne to any team in the west, the team can become a top tyrannical.

Conclusion: Union first person, well-deserved

In the 2014-15 season, Knight Finals and the Warriors meet, the results in the absence of Irving and Carrefour's case, James fought 6 games, although the final Knight missed the championship, but he is worthy of the "defeat" To the 2015-16 season, the face of 73 wins the terrorist division, Knight was forced to 1-3 in the impasse, Lianban three Council defeat. James in the last three games, enough to go down in history.

Yes, that's the real horror of the league's first people.

Nov 25, 2016