[NFL News] 12 months of football to see the real chapter of the snow flying heroic qualities

As the NFL regular season draws to a close, a word is increasingly being referred to by coaches and players as "December Football."

ESPN:12月橄榄球见真章 大雪纷飞显英雄本色

"We won a typical December rugby victory," the 14th week after defeating the cowboy, Giants quarterback Eli - Manning proudly said. In the ice and snow of Wisconsin Green Bay, Packers 38:10 bloodbath of the Seattle Seahawks, "December football rule Green Bay," Wisconsin media pride. NFL regular season is not long, from the beginning of September to the end of December full play count four months. The calendar turned to the end of the last one, the NFL team has a special meaning.

As the name implies, December nine cold days, the United States northern ice and snow, cold ah. Classic lens is in the Green Bay, minus 10 degrees of temperature, the players on the pitch as well as tens of thousands of fans spit out the field of Kazakh gas, foggy, Yunshanwuzhao, a typical 12 weather. On the court, everyone wrapped in a thick cotton shirt drinking beer, but also the image of a tough guy.

December football another layer of meaning, is the end of the regular season, the real thing to the time. The last four rounds through December, whether it is for the district champion, or to grab the playoff tickets, are to the sprint stage. The current 14-week cruised, only Dallas cowboys to ensure a cut team, the other about 17 teams still hope, and another eight teams hope slim.

ESPN:12月橄榄球见真章 大雪纷飞显英雄本色

Tactical point of view football in December, cold hands and slippery, wind ball float, so brilliant West Coast long pass generally bad offensive play, and the traditional red ball storm is popular. On week 14 week in Buffalo away, snow, Steelers running back Bell (Le'Veon Bell) such as into the unhindered, 38 times the ball, ran out of the team record 236 yards, Also easily received a 62 yards. He's a person's code number than the entire Bill team also 23 yards, three touchdowns, 27:20, unbridled to own power to defeat the enemy, he must go.

The rise of the snow to kill, so that Steelers fans can not help but think of 11, is also a snowy Sunday afternoon, the Steelers 21: 9 home win beat the trend of winning eight straight Chicago Bears, then known as the "bus "Jericho Bettis (Jerome Bettis) forcibly rolled the Bears defense general Er Lakkar array score of the screen, becoming one of the classic NFL. That field is the first 14 weeks after the snow war, Steelers won the Super Bowl champion in one go.

NFL high-pressure season, the team at the last minute can maintain high morale, but also in the face of adversity to fight tough battle to win the battle, at least prove that the coach's superb coaching. Know who is the NFL12 month of the highest rate of host coach? Nature is in the northeast of the king of Billy Chick. Patriot from 2000 to date, 56 wins and 12 losses, his December record in the history of the NFL ranked first.

There are always teams in the snow to kill out in December to show a heroic character. Patriot toughness, and Pittsburgh Steelers is a typical representative of rigidity. Since taking over the Steelers in 2007, head coach Tom Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) in December's record was 29 wins and 12 losses. After beating Bill, he got his 100th career win in his coaching career.

Tomlin's secret of success there are three: one, run the main array, the main array of simple mistakes, while the other side of the defensive line is always in close combat in the melee, easy fatigue; Second, prevent sticking, Tomlinson career Career to defensive start, the defense is the tradition of Steelers; Third, to instill the team never give up the morale, fighting this stuff, is melting into the blue-collar city of Pittsburgh blood.

December 2009, 15 weeks to face the Packers, Steelers are experiencing a wave of five-game losing streak, 6 wins 7 losses record, many teams have to tell the truth has given up hope of the playoffs, but give up two The word is not Steelers dictionary, under the leadership of Tomlin, they beat the Packers, and bang and then the next two cities, despite the 9 wins and 7 losses eventually missed the playoffs, but played the Pittsburgh man of character.

This season, Steelers start a wave of four-game losing streak in mid-October, but one to 12 months on the awkward, and now ho take four straight, with the crows away patriots were shot down, Steelers are currently exclusive Midland North Top. The 15th week of the week, they will be on the road to challenge the Cincinnati Tigers, the weather forecast is snow, minus the temperature, but also Steelers like combat state, is a typical December football.

Week 16, Steelers will return to the same area against rival crows, which is destined to be the first name of the North American life and death battle. Pittsburgh Heinz Field (Heinz Field), thousands of Pittsburgh people in the cold wind waving yellow towels, this is the December rugby scene.

Nine winter earth in North America, blizzards and cold is the end of the theme. But this time the NFL competition to the white-hot stage. In the snow field, this is the December rugby.