[NFL News] Denver Broncos now have lost playoff hopes
Denver Broncos now have lost playoff hopes, which means that the team a large number of young players may be in the last week of the game to get playing opportunities.

Coach Gary Kubiak told reporters Monday that rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch might be a player who has had plenty of time in the regular season finale against the Auckland Raiders one.

Kubiak, who is hoping to get everyone to play in the final game, said he plans to make a decision on whether to make Lynch later this week.

The Broncos missed the playoffs 10-33 Sunday night at the Kansas City Chiefs, where the team's first quarterback Trevor Siemian made 43 passes in just 43 runs Successfully made 183 yards 1 pass was steals.

Simeon's performance this season has been enough to allow him to be included in the starting quarterback to consider the range. However, Lynch is still worth more observation. He was up and down twice in the season's first two starts, with a 1-1 record.

Whether or not Lynch plays the full court, he will certainly be involved in the starting quarterback candidates next season, competition, unless the team introduced the other veterans quarterback, this competition should continue throughout the summer.