[NFL News] Giant cornerback Jenkins back teammate hit

Corner guard Janoris Jenkins suffered a minor injury.

New York Giants coach Ben - McAdoo (Ben McAdoo) on Monday told reporters that Jenkins Jenkins in the Giants defeated the Detroit Lions in the back contusion.

NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday reported that Jenkins accepted the examination, ruled out any possibility of injury, which means that Jenkins "should be a good situation."

The good cornerback in the first half of the game with his teammates hit together, his back suffered a teammate knee impact. It's not clear if Jenkins will be able to recover in time to play against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. He did not expect to be absent for a long time, but he missed Monday's practice.

Jenkins this season is a giant second-line defensive phenomenal level of signings, he was able to successfully mark the opponent's top receiver, he was the professional football network as the fifth best cornerback.

Now the fifth seed of the NL Giant has one of the league's best defenses - and even arguably the best. Keeping Jenkins healthy is crucial to the Giants' playoff hopes.