[NFL News] NCAAF playoffs about to start
From the season arrangements, the university and career is the starting point of two similar parallel lines, all began in September in autumn, throughout the winter. But the NCAA University schedule is tight, ending in early January of the following year; NFL occupation schedule relative drag, to February the first Sunday of the Super Bowl ending.
ESPN:美国大学金饭“碗”降临 又将举国狂欢

Whenever in the United States to stay in school all know, American football team, but the American University of standard and favorite, every Saturday game day, the campus gongs and drums of excitement, that is the local top priority. There are hundreds of American football teams, divided into multi-level according to the level of level, the highest is a (Division I), 128 schools, they are eligible to participate in the end of the various bowl games . With the NFL playoff elimination system is different, NCAA has always been a "bowl match" ending. Perhaps the European Cup with the (Cup) different elegance, the Americans used to bowl (Bowl) bold.

Bowl sub-base. This season, a variety of bowl games up to 40 games, 80 teams in the war. Bowl more, naturally have the distinction of high and low. Low level of advance play, the impact of high pressure array. As for which two teams to fight which bowl, NCAA has a set of standards. Due to historical, geographical, monetary benefits and other reasons, the formulation of the standard is quite complex, but also controversial, here is not the cost of detailed chapters. Simply put, whether it is the early years of the BCS system, or improved to the present four teams playoff system, essentially NCAA in the "arranged marriage" to balance the interests of all, while making the most money, while trying to cover up that Of the copper odor.

ESPN:美国大学金饭“碗”降临 又将举国狂欢

Bowl size. The Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, The oldest, participating schools are basically the traditional giants, the level is the highest, attention is naturally high. In the current playoff system, the six bowls take turns in the semi-finals of the finals in a two-pair (rose + sugar, cotton + orange, festivals + peaches). This season 's semi - finals turn to festivals + oranges, against the following: Peach Bowl - Alabama (1) vs. Washington (4); Festival Bowl - Clemenson (3) vs. Ohio State (2). The finals will be held on January 9, 2017.

Bowl sub-severity. Champion for the title race for the bowl, the team is fully attached great importance to nature. And those holding a small bowl of small schools have few complaints, even after the bowl is a porridge is a reward. Easily produce dissatisfaction with those who are "medium bowl." Before the start of the season the heart is high, slogans shouting loudly, the results of a season to play down, not a low not high, the players inevitably Yi Xing.

That is the most recent thing, two college all-star running back to Liaotiao Zi, do not play insignificant bowl game, caused no small controversy. Louisiana State runner Leonard Fournette announced last Friday that he would miss the Citrus Bowl because of his ankle discomfort. Two days later, Stanford's runner-back, Chris McCaffrey, also made Twitter, saying he would miss the Sun Bowl. To know that the two bowl is in addition to the six bowl, agreed to a very good "bowl", a long history, attention is not small, not those who have been dubbed the "toilet bowl" (Toilet Bowl) small bowl.

Two absent reasons are very good, for the effectiveness of the school for three years, the credit has worked, coupled with the body inevitably some small injuries minor illnesses, can not play the title race bowl? forget it. In fact, the more important reason is that the University of the end of the season, specifically for the NFL draft to open a variety of tutorial classes immediately open camp, the two are optimistic about the first round draft material. In the "broken bowl" in the game was injured, but their own smashing their jobs.

Bloody lessons remember. Last season's festivals, the University of Notre Dame lineback Smith (Jaylon Smith) ligament tear. He was optimistic about the first round of the top five draft high, the results of this injury, the draft fell all the way to the second round was picked Dallas Cowboys, a direct loss of millions of dollars. Because if he is the first-round fifth overall, then the salary will be four years 23.5 million, and is the full protection. The reality is that his second-round signing value of 6.5 million four years, of which 4.5 million guaranteed, has not yet marked a ball. Smith's warning, Fornett if they turn a blind eye it is blind.

For the NCAA, the end of the various bowl race is not only lively, but also earn not lose, the school increased the sense of honor, the continuation of the tradition of recruiting new students is also very good publicity. Also sell tickets to sell television rights, to stimulate the host tourism consumption, in short, is a lot of good.

Take a look at this year-end turns to play the bowls, these dazzling bowls, is NCAA genuineness of the "golden rice bowl."