[NFL News] NFL top ten low star pick star steel man Patriot superstar list

NFL draft, the high pick was selected players, there will be a high expectation value. However, there are some stars in the history of the position is very low position was selected.

One of the best offspring in history, one of the best defensive strikers, and the one who was considered to be the first player of the NFL history, was selected outside 100.

The following is the history of the NFL top ten low star:

10. Antonio - Brown, took over, 2010, Round 6 No. 195, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tom - Brady is the history of the most magical low-round quarterback miracle, and Brown is undoubtedly the most amazing low-round takeover miracle. Student times affected by the family environment, Brown's academic performance is very bad, so failed to enter the football school. In the 2010 draft, he was also considered to be the only speed, once the course will only change to a player, that year a full 21 outside the receiver was selected before Brown, but Brown was selected, but by the day Day hard work, so that their current level is more than the front of all. In 2014 his 1698 yards match the season single season history 8,2015 season his 1834 yards catch history 4. In the union of today's league, only Julio Jones and Odell - Beckham can be compared with him, and the two can be expensive for the first round show. Since Brown's career is not over, we can not give him an accurate historical position, so in this list, temporarily put him in the tenth position. I believe he will use the brave performance of the future, to improve their historical position.

9. Terrell - Davis, running back, 196, 1995, Denver Broncos.

Although his career was very short due to the cause of the injury, Terrell Davis had achieved great success in his six-year career. 1996-98 these three seasons, he ran for three consecutive years out of the 1500 + code number, as the team headed quarterback John - Elvis behind another Dinghaishenzhen. 1997 Super Bowl, he just played three sections ran out of 157 yards, and became the first in the history of the Super Bowl washed three touchdowns players, was elected Super Bowl MVP. 1998 regular season, he is the 2008 code results, as the NFL history, the fourth 2000-member club members, and was elected regular season MVP. Denver Broncos also succeeded in defending the Super Bowl championship. Although 1998 Davis's career was a big knee injury because of a serious knee injury, after three years he played a total of only 17 games, and in 2001 only 29 years old ended his career. But, as he himself said, he had got all the honors he could get, so he had no regrets.

8. Raymond Berry, took over, 1954, No. 20 round 232, Baltimore pony

A member of the older Hall of Fame. Raymond Berry was selected in 1954 by the Colts in Baltimore, dedicated to the Colts throughout his career. He has been selected six times in the professional bowl, three selected season best team, twice led his unit to get the NFL champion, NFL50 anniversary and 75th anniversary of the best team members. Taking into account his low level, so the achievements are commendable.

7. Shannon - Sharp, near the front, 1990, No. 7 round of 192, Denver Broncos

NFL history, if that in the low on the players who succeeded the most successful team, there is no doubt that the Denver Broncos. And Davis, Shannon - Sharp is also a big star around Elvi. In the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, he as the main team to get three Super Bowl champion, three times he is the team quarterback most trusted catcher, in 2011 he was elected Hall of Fame. Although his big mouth personality often make opponents angry, but his ability but also let opponents helpless.

6. Richard - Dent, defensive end, 1983, 8th round of 203, Chicago bears

1985 season of the Chicago Bears, is generally considered the history of the NFL, the strongest single season team. The main defensive end of the team, Richard - Dent, is also a low-lying dark horse. The 20th Super Bowl, he played the whole season, dominated the performance, and in the 20th Super Bowl reached the peak: 1.5 sack, 2 times caused opponents off the ball, 1 interrupt the pass, the data let He became the most powerful team of the history of the Super Bowl MVP. He was selected four times the best season, and in the 1994 season with the San Francisco 49 team to win again.

5. Bart-Stahl, quarterback, 1956, the 17th round of 200, Green Bay Packers

As the first and second session of the Super Bowl MVP quarterback, Stahl will of course appear in this list. Although the 60's NFL, not so now like to pass the ball, but Stahl as the ruling level of the Green Bay Packers main quarterback, ability and achievements shine the same. Not only with the team to get the 5 NFL champion and 2 Super Bowl champion, he also elected a regular season MVP, 2 Super Bowl MVP.

4. Dicken - Jones, defensive end, 1961, Round 14, No. 186, Los Angeles Rams

The same is a distant star, Dickon - Jones for the defensive end of this position brought revolution. In Los Angeles, he is the leader of the defensive front known as the "Fearsome Foursome" (Fearsome Foursome). 8 times selected professional bowl, 8 season best team, 2 defensive group MVP, even the "sack" the word, allegedly from him. In the era of the capture of the data has not yet begun statistics, allegedly in 1967 and 68 seasons were 26 times and 24 sack, if true, will be the most history of the NFL.

3. Roger - Staubach, quarterback, 1964, Round 10, No. 129, Dallas Cowboys

Due to military service, although the University of the performance of wonderful, but Staubach's draft is still very low. Cowboy believed him and got a return. 1969 military service return, Staubach immediately became a cowboy "American team" one of the founders of the dynasty, he himself has been the "US captain" title. 2 Super Bowl Champion, 1 regular season MVP, 1 Finals MVP, the first year of 1985 eligible, he was selected for the Hall of Fame.

2. Johnny - Unu Sitas, quarterback, 1955, No. 9 round 102, Pittsburgh Steelers

The difference between Unetas and others is that he was cut off by the Steelers shortly after being selected, and the great achievements of his career were made in another team, the Baltimore Colts. But does not affect him is also a low starting star, is also one of the greatest stars in history. His career to get 3 regular season MVP, 1 Super Bowl champion, and 47 consecutive regular season pass touchdowns, this record until 50 years after being Drew - Brisbane break.

1. Tom - Brady, quarterback, 2000, round 6, 199, New England Patriots

The first story of this list, everyone has been familiar with. In the second year of his career, Brady was rushed to take the main position because of Drew - Brady's injury and 16 years (and continued) in this position. In the past 16 years, he got 2 regular season MVP, 5 Super Bowl champion, 4 super Bowl MVP. Before the last season, who is the first player in history may be controversial, but in two months ago, he was in the 51st session of the Super Bowl in the middle of the third section is still 25 points behind, and ultimately completed the reversal, won his career The fourth crown of the performance, may have all the controversy are conclusive. This list of the other nine individual rankings, who is high who is low there is room for discussion. But in the 21st century, where the scouting system was so good, Breddy was undoubtedly the first low-profile star in history.

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