[NFL News] The NFL annual champion's single-game event represented the highest level of the NFL

Talking about American football, Super Bowl for Chinese sports fans, is not a fresh and unknown concept. The decision to belong to the annual professional championship football event, not only on both sides of the field represents the highest level of the NFL, as well as big-name music stars in the game intermission for the audience to send performances, the United States is A sports carnival. Because of its high ratings in the United States, but the time in early February and the Spring Festival is similar to the Super Bowl by Chinese fans dubbed the "American Spring Festival Evening."


So the United States in the New Year whether there are sports carnival?

As a love of sports in the heart of the hearts of millions of people, the United States almost all holidays and ultimately, the fun of sports events, such as Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Christmas NBA war, and New Year's Day, nature And ultimately, sporting events. This is what we want to popular science content - college football bowl game.

College football regular season and the NFL in late August and early September, the general will start earlier than the NFL regular season, and early December has ended. After the end of the regular season, the best record of the team will be eligible to participate in "bowl". In the beginning of the creation of a hundred years ago, the bowl is only part of the festival to add to the friendship of the nature of the event, only record good team to play, which makes the game against the bowl are strong dialogue, but also to ensure that ornamental. However, with the development of history, which teams deserve the title of the national championship, discussion and controversy expanded, so the most important bowl race has also been given to determine the meaning of the title.


So what kind of team will be able to participate in the championship?

NCAA is the governing body for college sports, and its Football League (FBS) has 10 league 128 teams, each team's regular season is only 12-13 games, in addition to the league has a fixed match within the game, The remaining 3-4 non-league games for each team can be arranged by the school and the school itself, or even with the secondary league (FCS) school arrangements for the game. Therefore, it is conceivable that the different league teams, because the opponent has the strength of the points, just look at the record is difficult to determine which team stronger. Therefore, in order to determine a "national champion", has been taken by way of voting. The crowd is the coach, the media and the past players, by their 128 teams based on the record of the strength of the opponent, the vote to determine the rankings of these teams.

In the previous decades, has been ranked in the top two by the two teams, determined by a determined way to win the national championship. This rule has been criticized in recent years, so since 2014, NCAA adopted a new system, called "College Football Playoff" (College Football Playoff), the voting committee limited to the various designated head of the Union, the individual reporter And former coach a total of 13 people. The top four teams voted by them to catch the ball in the bowl game, that is, the playoffs semi-finals, the winner and then in the extra arrangements for the National Finals to decide the outcome. In other words, eligible to compete for the championship team expanded from two to four, so although there are controversial, but better than the previous game system a lot better.


So which bowl game is the main bowl game?

In the new system to determine the same time, also in the oldest ten bowls selected six, as a contractor semi-final tournament candidates, these six bowl games will be in the New Year period (December 30 - January 2) held during the so-called "New Year's Six Bowls" (New Year's Six). The six-bowl tournament is held in two semi-finals each year in two rounds, in rotation (the first in the nation against the fourth in the nation and the second in the nation in the third). The order of rotation is as follows:

2014 season: Rose Bowl, sugar bowl

2015 season: orange bowl, cotton bowl

2016 season: festival bowl, peach bowl

2017 season: rose bowl, sugar bowl

2018 season: orange bowl, cotton bowl

2019 season: festive bowl, peach bowl, and so on

The other four semi-finals each year without the task of the bowl game, but also to ensure its against the semi-finals in the strongest team, so together, on behalf of the highest level of the bowl game.

Previously, the bowl game ended with the end of New Year's Day holiday. But now the two New Year's rounds represent only the semifinals, so on the first Monday after the end of the semifinals, an additional "College Football Playoff National Championship" The semi-final winners were gaulat. Unlike regular bowl games, the National Finals are held by prospective cities and stadiums, similar to the Super Bowl.

Then in addition to the semi-final against the fixed, the other four bowl game is how to arrange it?

The six-bowl tournament has a long history, in the previous does not involve the championship battle, many have their own fixed alliance against, so now are planning to rotate the semi-finals, NCAA also does not involve the semifinals of the rest Four bowl against the made a certain arrangement:

Rose Bowl: Big Ten against the Pacific Alliance (Pac-12)

Sugar Bowl: South East League (SEC) against the Twelve League (Big 12)

Orange Bowl: Atlantic Coast League (ACC) against the South East Union, the top ten unions or Union University of Notre Dame

Cotton Bowl, Festival Bowl, Peach Bowl: As the case may be

From the top against the situation we can see that the top ten, the Pacific, Southeast, Twelve strong, the Atlantic coast, the five alliances have their own set of good arrangements, it is because these five league is considered top football The league which the strongest of the five league, similar to the football "five league". Just like the Champions League team is usually won the five league, football national champion is usually the five major league schools to win. In order to take care of the remaining five relative strength of the weak alliance, competition system also provides that in the rest of the "five small Union" inside, the highest ranked team, must also be arranged among the six bowl.

So this year's game against is how?

Finally, we take this year as an example, give you a detailed analysis of the six bowl match against.

The voting committee decided this season the top 15 final:

1. University of Alabama (SEA)

2. Clemson University (Atlantic Coast Alliance)

Ohio State University

4. University of Washington (Pacific Union)

Pennsylvania State University

6. University of Michigan (Top 10)

7. University of Oklahoma (Twelve)

8. University of Wisconsin (Top Ten Alliance)

9. University of Southern California (Pacific Union)

10. University of Colorado (Pacific Union)

11. Florida State University (Atlantic Coast Alliance)

12. Oklahoma State University (Twelve)

13. University of Louisville (Atlantic Coastal Union)

14. Auburn University (SEU)

15. University of Western Michigan (United States of America)

According to the rules, this year's semifinals are held by the Festival Bowl and Peach Bowl, so -

Peach Bowl: the nation's first 1 Alabama vs the nation's fourth Washington

Festival Bowl: National 2nd Clemson vs National 3rd Ohio State

Rose Bowl: Big Ten Pennsylvania (5th) vs Pacific League Southern California (9th)

Sugar Bowl: Auburn of the SEA (14th) vs. Oklahoma (12th)

Oranges Bowl: Atlantic League Florida State (11th) vs Southeast, Top 10, Notre Dame University Ranked Highest in the University of Michigan (6th)

Cotton Bowl: Wisconsin (8th), the highest ranked school in the rest of the world vs West Michigan (15th)

How, this is not the University of the bowl system more clearly some of the race system.