[NFL News] There are a lot of good players because of the limited number of places and unsuccessful

2016 season NFL professional bowl list has just been released, as with other sports, the NFL's all-star list is also full of controversy, and in some locations, has come to the eye-popping, can not understand the extent. Here we come to a specific look, where the dispute is out.

NFL全明星赛名单点评 狮王落选投票充满争议

Outside take over

Midland has six wide receiver in 14 games after has got a thousand yards, so selected is the catch number relative to more TY-Hilton, Antonio - Brown, and Amari - Cooper, and for Jia Wei - Landry, DeMalus - Thomas and Imanuel - Saunders, it is only regrettable copies (AJ-Green because of injury for four games so we think he is worthy of inclusion ). In fact, the choice of outside, the surface point of view code number on it, the actual is not. Some players are tall ball-type wide receiver, and some are small and flexible, fast-depth wide receiver, so the code number can not fully reflect the strength. Like the 178 cm Hilton 134 times to pass the ball to catch 81 times, while the 190 cm Thomas 130 times to pass 83 times to catch, is very similar to the data. Although the Hilton than Tomas took 200 yards, it is difficult to judge Hilton is a stronger than the Thomas receiver.

The situation of the League of Nations is more exaggerated. In addition to Julio - Jones, small Odel - David Beckham and Mike - Evans no suspense selected. The fourth places even yards are not read, ignoring the Brandon - Cooks and Jody - Nielsen two thousand yards catcher, and to only 949 yards, ranked seventh in the League of Nations pull - Fitzgerald. In my opinion, Fitzgerald's selection, can only be said to be voters to understand the future members of the Hall of Fame may soon be retired, and from the surface let him re-elected once. In addition, Fitzgerald's selection can be said for no reason. Indeed, Fitzgerald caught 70.5% of the ball passed to him, than the number of players than his high. But if you do not look at the yardage, just look at the ball success rate, then Seahawks Dag - Baldwin and the saints Michael - Thomas performed better, the two than Fitzgerald less 30 passes , The code number is only 30 yards less and 60 yards, from the average point of view to be much better than Fitzgerald. It can be said, whether from the code number or from the success rate, Fitzgerald is not as good as other players worthy of selection.

Proximal end

AP proximal front controversy is relatively small. Yes, if Rob - Grungowski did not miss a game, he certainly still when the first proximal front. But Travis - Kelsey and Delaney - Walker in the absence of absence, also played a convincing performance, selected are worthy of the name.

The words of the League of Nations on some issues. In addition to Greg - Olsen no suspense selected, Jordan - Reed beat a vote such as Jimmy - Graham, Kyle - Rudolph, Cameron - Brett and other players, got the second place. All three players have a higher yardage than Reed and average more. Reed was selected because he had a high success rate of catching the ball and a slight advantage in the field (he missed three games), but it was not convincing to beat the three men on either side.


For the quarterback of the selected results, we can only Oh, the selection can be said that there is no standard at all. In the League, the pony Andrew - Lack almost all the data are ahead of Raiders Derek - Karl, the only slightly behind the number of passing yards, and this is because Lack less a game. So Karl's only selection criteria, because his Raiders ranked second highest in the Midland, he is also one of the popular MVP.

Okay, so for the quarterback, winning is bigger than everything we have to accept that. But to the League of Nations has changed. 8 times this season led his unit to complete the reversal in the fourth quarter, also became popular MVP Matthew - Stafford unsuccessful, and was selected this season, the criticism of Aaron - Rogers. Of course, we need to point out that after the recent wave of four-game winning streak, Rogers's Packers are now only less than the Staffordshire lions lose a Rogers also slightly overstep the data in a number of Staffordshire. Then we are still waiting to see the end of the regular season ranking it. If the Packers completed the comeback to win the League of Nations North champion, that Rogers was selected is very reasonable. But if the lion to keep the current lead, the result is very problematic.

Defensive group of the same situation a lot, especially the line guard position. American League and the League of Nations were selected Jarrell - Casey (Titan) and Thomas - Davis (Panthers), but the Kevin - Alexander (pirates), Sean - Lee (Cowboys), Zach Brown Bill) and so reluctant to abandon the crazy trap, simply no reason to talk about. Defensive front, missed four games there are 7.5 times the second half of the Qinsuo show Qiao Yi - Bossa, than the former champion Jared Weng - Crowey (Texans) more convincing.

In general, this year's list of professional bowls, not "a good number of players, some people because of the limited number of unsuccessful" such a situation, but there are a lot of "unsuccessful player performance than some of the same place selected players Persuasive ", and even in the Secret Service, the perennial selected professional bowl of Patriot veteran Matthew - Slater in the interview are admitted, feeling teammate Nate - Ebner than worthy of their own selected. Therefore, the professional bowl of the voting mechanism of the list is indeed the need for more reflection of the Union.