Old School RuneScape is a slightly updated version of RuneScape

In news that seems like it came right out of 2007, RuneScape 2 - aka old-fashioned RuneScape - is fashionable yet again. Jagex has declared that over a million new users have put in the sport following its full unleash on iOS last week.

That additional a million from Oct thirty onward is additionally to the present one million+ users WHO put in the sport on automaton for its Members' Beta program. The combined teams result in old-fashioned RuneScape seeing a brand new record for daily active users since the sport launched on computer in Gregorian calendar month of 2013.

In addition, the sport debuted at #1 within the App Store in eight countries, and within the prime 10 in fifteen countries.

Old School RuneScape could be a slightly updated version of RuneScape because it was in August of 2007, and was created for players WHO most well-liked the design and feel of the sport before developer Jagex overhauled it entirely into its current incarnation, RuneScape three.

"After 5 years of sequential growth since its computer launch in 2013, the arrival of old-fashioned RuneScape on mobile could be a massively necessary milestone for Jagex in taking the RuneScape franchise multiformat," aforesaid Jagex business executive Phil Mansell. "Making our living games accessible to a lot of players on a lot of devices was a priority for United States as we have a tendency to commenced the third age of Jagex as, over the years, our players have mature up and a few, WHO were computer players, currently have various format preferences that work their modified lifestyles."