Old School RuneScape Mobile has seen a flourishing members-only beta

It was Runefest 2018 over the weekend, Jagex’s annual celebration of all things RuneScape. If you haven’t compete the sport during a whereas, here’s a fast primer: RuneScape as you will have identified it (the principally brown and charming two-dimensional figure experience) has been restored for contemporary audiences.

Luckily, for people who don’t just like the new mod cons, Jagex conjointly free old style Runescape in 2013, a container of the Java game from 2007 that has since been iterated upon over the past 5 years, adding new content to the preserved state of the sport.

As of 2017, it's double the players of RuneScape, become one thing of Associate in Nursing esport, and is quick approaching a mobile unleash. we have a tendency to were on the bottom at Runefest to catch up with Mat Kemp, senior product manager at Jagex, who’s performing on old style RuneScape.

“I started at Jagex thirteen years past and that i was a disciple before i used to be Associate in Nursing worker. If I’d have identified in the past that I may play it on a phone I don’t suppose i might have worked ever once more,” he said.

Old School RuneScape Mobile has seen a flourishing members-only beta, with the total game set to drop for everybody on October thirty, 2018. For Kemp, a amendment in technical thoughtfulness has been necessary to deliver the vision.

Old School RuneScape Mobile

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