Rocket League Championship Patch Released, Free Decryptor Released

The tournament update was introduced not long ago and introduced tournament features for players on all platforms, but with the release of server issues and other issues. Psyonix discussed these issues in a follow-up announcement about the tournament update and stated that the patch will be released today on most platforms, and the owner of the Nintendo Switch will be released later.


"We have been working hard to study the patch, and we plan to release it on Wednesday, April 11 in the afternoon Pacific Daylight Time (5:00 pm EDT, 11 pm CEST) on the PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One," read updated. "In view of the additional certification time required for the platform, the Nintendo Switch will take place in a few days. Because of this staggered launch, Nintendo Switch players will be temporarily unable to use cross-platform games until patches are run on the system."

As an apology gift for players affected by the problem, the three crackers will distribute it to any player who logs in after the match is updated. The crackers should be released on Friday and issue a statement on the same day to confirm the release, and in the second part of the donation, the double-drop weekend will soon come.

On the upcoming patch, Psyonix is also studying reports of server problems. More tools for players to report server issues are also under consideration, but before that, players can expect the following changes to be released later today.

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Apr 13, 2018