Rocket League released Halloween theme wheels

I don't usually use licensed parts on my Rocket League cars, because they're the videogame equivalent of shirts purchased at Disneyland or given away at a convention, and that I wish to believe that I'm more fashionable than that. The creepiness of those Ghostbusters wheels might make me reconsider, though. Stare at them for a couple of seconds, because you've to actually steep within the chubby, toothless smile of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man before you are feeling what I'm feeling. Unsettling, aren't they?


These gooey wheels are a part of an enormous set of Ghostbusters stuff that'll be up for grabs during Rocket League's Halloween event, which starts in the week, on October 20. Completing event challenges will unlock those Stay Puft wheels, also as Stay Puft and Slimer toppers, Ectoplasm and slime boost, player banners, an avatar border, and a couple of other items.

See everything you'll earn or buy here and within the trailer embedded below:

This isn't the primary time Rocket League and Ghostbusters have met. The Ecto-1 and a number of other items were originally made available as Steam DLC during last year's Radical Summer event. (You can't buy that pack, or any licensed DLC, on Steam anymore.)

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2020-10-29 10:00:30