Some tips for making POE Currency and crafting your own progression Gear


If you've been looking for ways to deal with foes who are knocking you around and you haven't been able to deal much damage in return, it's possible that the problem isn't with your character level. This is a common misunderstanding among players, who assume they aren't at a high enough level to be receiving so much damage and not inflicting enough damage back on adversaries. To enhance your gear, you'll almost always need to look at using your POE Currency and what POE items you have. To get the most out of your POE Orbs, you'll need to reorganize them while making the alterations.

Vendor Recipes

So, if you're trying to improve your gear, you should start by looking at some merchant recipes. To get the most out of PoE crafting, you'll need to know a few recipes. By selling a white, blue, or recognized magic item, you can obtain a Scroll Fragment, Transmutation Shard, and Alteration Shard, for example. Armorer's Scrap, which can be obtained by selling armor items and has a combined quality of 40%, will also be beneficial. Finally, the POE Orb of Alchemy can be obtained by selling three POE Items of the same basic kind.

These recipes can be used to create a Scroll of Wisdom, which can aid in a specific type. You can then construct magic items and reroll magic item modifications with your freshly acquired Orb of Transmutation and Orb of Alteration. The Orb of Alchemy is one of the most powerful PoE orbs, the process of changing a common item into a rare one.

Crafting Items

One thing that all Path of Exile players, new and old, will have noticed is the sheer abundance of PoE items that you can end up collecting as you progress through the game. With that in mind, you should be as cautious as possible when selecting items to purchase. The best method is to ensure that you are collecting those that are relevant to your build and selling those that you will not need. Those that you aren't using can be sold using vendor recipes, and you should do the same with armour.

You might come across an item that you can use to craft into a better item. If that's the case, try using Armourer's Scraps, which have a higher quality depending on rarity. Then there's the PoE Orb of Transmutation to turn it into a magical item, which you can then modify with the Orbs of Alteration.


Some tips for making POE Currency

If you're having trouble earning currency in Path of Exile, these tips and tricks will have you rolling in it in no time.

Use Vendor Recipes

The majority of the community regards vendor recipes as a complete waste of time. This was arguably true in leagues where Exalts were valued at more than 200 Chaos Orbs, but the Heist league has reduced the price of Exalts to just over 60 Chaos.

As a result, the Chaos recipe is excellent for earning currency when players are just starting out in a league. A Chaos Orb will be awarded to players for selling a full set of rare gear ranging in ilvl from 60 to 74. A complete set of equipment includes boots, gloves, a belt, two rings, an amulet, a chest, a helmet, and either two one-handed or one two-handed weapons. When you sell an unidentified set of rare gear, you will receive two Chaos Orbs instead of one.

Flip Items

By flipping items, any player who is familiar with trading can potentially earn thousands of Chaos Orbs in currency. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common is to buy undervalued items and sell them for a higher asking price. Completing Prophecies that grant higher-value items or purchasing key fragments to run endgame bosses that drop items infinitely more valuable can also be considered flipping items. This tip is primarily based on current league trends, so keep an eye out for any unusual economic patterns that can be exploited.


Finding a group of people to play Path of Exile with can improve currency farming significantly. This is due to the fact that each member of a party grants a 50% multiplicative item quantity and rarity. While enemies' strength will increase as well, the multiplicative nature of these bonuses means that juiced Maps can drop double or triple the number of items per run for no additional investment. Just make sure to split the loot with the rest of the party because Path of Exile does not use instanced loot.

Craft And Sell Items

Crafting, like trading, is one of the most profitable avenues in Path of Exile, but it requires an absurd amount of game knowledge or luck. While sought-after items vary greatly depending on the meta of a league, the basic idea is to create items that meta builds will use because they are in high demand.


Because of the sheer volume of items, each Contract and Blueprint provides, heisting is an excellent way to generate currency. All players have to do is open as many chests as they can without setting off the alarm. Upgrade Rogues and their equipment to increase the number of chests that can be opened before the alarm goes off.


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