Stephen Curry supports NBA, U.S. basketball team's proposal to ban 3-pointers before 11 years old

Late last month, USA Basketball and the NBA released a list of rule and standard recommendations for youth players, including the elimination of the three-point shot for kids under the age of 11.

And on Monday, the NBA's most prolific shooter said he supported that effort.


Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry told Sports Illustrated that he commends USA Basketball and the NBA for trying to curtail 20-foot jump shots at an early age, explaining that he, too, did not start shooting three-pointers until he was nearly a teenager.

"My dad had the same kind of mentality of development," Curry told Sports Illustrated. "As I got stronger and bigger, he wanted me to make sure I didn't sacrifice form and mechanics just to be able to shoot an NBA three before I was ready. I hope there's a principle and an importance on the fundamentals of what that means and the work that goes into it, that you can't just step into a gym and start jacking them up and feel like you're getting better.

"I guess I commend the perspective on player development, especially at an early age. Hopefully, that's able to build the confidence of those guys that want to be great shooters as they get older."

Curry, a five-time All-Star and two-time MVP, has led the league in both three-point attempts and made threes in each of the past five seasons. Only six players in NBA history have made more three-pointers than the 30-year-old Davidson product.

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