The Chief’s Til Hillhill hopes that his Mayden score reflects his true speed

Last year EA’s Madden franchise inaccurately gave KC Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill a 97 speed on their annual video game series. 97 wasn’t the fastest speed in the game which is why I call it inaccurate. Bengals WR John Ross was given a higher speed but anyone who has watched football in the past couple of years knows that Tyreek is in fact the fastest player in the NFL. There are very few instances where someone on the field has one skillset that is so far and above everyone else. Tyreek’s speed is one of those instances.

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As for the Madden score, apparently he has talked to EA about it.

“I have spoken with someone at EA,” Tyreek said on PFT Live. “I’m the fastest in the league, you know what I’m saying? I need my credit.”

This is no Madden ad but I can’t wait for this year’s game. Yes, I still get the game every year (and they never change it blah blah blah) and I still play online with the Chiefs every single game. This year’s team is going to be so fun I can’t wait. The defense is going to frustrate the hell out of me but flinging it deep to all the Chiefs playmakers on offense makes this year’s game a must-buy for gamers.

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