The cooperation between Rocket League and F1 will always surprise players


Formula 1 is a popular spectator sport, and a tie-in with Rocket League would seem to confirm that. The Formula 1 Fan Pack, which includes a new car and all 10 F1 teams in their current liveries, will be available tomorrow in the Rocket League store. Of course, you can also get these Rocket League Items from some online trading websites, such as, which is the most Professional Rocket League Trading Website.

The set includes a race car based on a Formula 1 chassis (with a Dominus hitbox) and ten decals ranging from Alfa Romeo to Williams, allowing you to cheer for your favorite team or choose the one that looks the most modern and coolest. All of the cars are running on Pirelli tires, and I notice they're utilizing the soft compound.


The Formula 1 Fan Pack will be available for 2,000 Rocket League Credits starting May 20 (500 credits are $4.99, although larger bundles offer a discount). In the item shop, there's also a free Formula 1 Player Banner to be had. That banner will only be available until May 26th, according to Psyonix, but it will return later this year to correspond with important F1 events. The 78th Monaco Grand Prix takes place this weekend, which is a coincidence.

The third season of Rocket League (17th since it went free-to-play) began on April 7, bringing with it a new arena, DFH Stadium (Circuit), which is a reimagining of the original venue with a track layout and decoration befitting a major race weekend.

If you prefer closed-wheel racing, NASCAR recently joined Rocket League with a set of 10 stock car liveries and Goodyear racing wheels, which are also available for 2,000 credits.


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May 20, 2021