The most expensive items in Rocket League, check them out


Rocket League has produced many cosmetics since its release in 2014. Because a number of Rocket League's best-looking cosmetics were discontinued and now only available through trading, they will sell for a ridiculous amount of credits on the market. This list will highlight the highest 10 rarest items in Rocket League and why they fetch such a high price. you'll use using BakkesMod to preview these things yourself.

Each item listed features a credit value next thereto, with 1000 Rocket League Credits being roughly 10 dollars. Note that these are market estimates as of January 2021, and therefore the prices are subject to vary.

10. Titanium White Mainframe (15 k)

One of the simplest decals in Rocket League, Mainframe makes your car appear as if a pulsating circuit card. And, like most items within the game, players prefer the Titanium White color.

9. Gold Nugget (16 k)

Most Rocket League players cop-out of using an antenna because it is often distracting while playing. However, the Gold Nugget is an antenna that anyone would use if they had it. This item was only available to Beta players back in 2014. Because only a little number of players participated within the beta, the Gold Nugget is that the game's rarest antenna.

8. Titanium White Octane (19 k)

The Octane is the hottest car in Rocket League and a preferred choice by many pros. The Titanium White Octane may be a color modification to the default car. This version of the Octane is unavailable through traditional means currently, so to grab one among these cars for yourself, you'll got to trade for it on the market.

7. Grey Apex (22 k)

The Apex wheels are only available through random drops during Rocket League competitive matches. to urge one among these drops, you'll got to be watching the games on Twitch together with your Rocket League account linked. These wheels look almost like the fan-favorite, Titanium White, in order that they sell for a high price on the market.

6. Titanium White Dominus (23 k)

The Dominus is the vehicle of choice among freestylers. The car's flat design makes it great for air dribbles and pulling off insane tricks. just like the Octane, the Titanium White Dominus can't be crafted anymore, so you'll get to find one on the market.

5. Black Deici  (24 k)

These black wheels pair with any skin you'll throw at them. they're sleek and appear pitch-black from a distance.

4. Titanium White Apex (70 k)

These look slightly more bright than the Grey Apex. and since everyone loves the Apex wheels and Titanium White, they fetch a high price.

3. Gold Cap (100k)

The Gold Cap is the first Alpha item on this list. This item was only available to players who participated within the Alpha version of the sport. This makes these things rarer than beta items. But because most players don't use Toppers, this alpha item is often picked up at a lower cost than the remainder.

2. Gold Stone (400 k)

These golden wheels are an alpha item that everybody wants to urge their hands on. The golden design sparkles within the light and appears great with any car design.

1. Gold Rush (900 k)

Gold Rush is an alpha boost that features a unique look and a singular sound. This boost is employed by most Rocket League pros, making many esports viewers envious of anyone that owns this incredibly rare item.

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