The new Rocket League season is upon us

Developer Psyonix has revealed details of the fifth season of the Rocket League Championship series.

The fifth round will see the North American Division on March 17 and the European League in one day later. The team will compete for the final $ 500,000.

rocket league championship series

Rocket League is still relatively new on the scene, and in 2015 released the title. This game is essentially the easiest in esports. This requires football but increases the turbo-charged flying car's war. Each game is five minutes long and the accepted exercise format is three to three. The Rockets have no draw - if a game is flat after five minutes, overtime becomes a golden goal.

Rocket League World Championship Season Four Closer in Washington Final MGM National Harbor Theater hosts the ten best teams from all over the world to fight for the eventual Rocket League championship. The four teams from North America are joined by four teams from Europe and two teams from the Oceania region.

The scene also has some familiar names. Traditional sporting players such as Cloud9, G2 Esports, NRG and Method all made it to the final ten, while the Paris Saint-Germain team ranked first among the top six. The final title is a European mix, Gale Power eSports. They also took $ 55,000 with the RLCS 4 trophy.

The pattern of the league is not expected to change, the eight teams in each division will be fighting in a few weeks. In the following league, the Rocket League opponents series will be mainly interested in entering the top league team. The top two RLRSs compete with the bottom two of the RLCS at the end of the season to determine their future position.

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Jan 22, 2018