[Web News] Las Vegas has a name for the new NHL team - the Vegas Gold Cavaliers

Five months after the NHL decided to set up its 31st team in the prestigious Las Vegas, the NHL youngest team has finally come to its name - the Vegas Gold Cavaliers, Las Vegas, the first professional league team, 2017-18 season, they will be at home T-Mobile Arena opened the team's first stop.


Bill Foley, the owner of the Gold Cavaliers, gathered with NHL president Gary Bateman and team general manager George McPhee in the crowd of 100 fans on the spot to unveil the name for the world's ice fans, The logo.

Bill Foley, a graduate of West Point, wanted to name the heart of the team the Black Knight, a nickname for the athletic side, but the idea was opposed. Although the benefit itself was chairman of the Black Knight Financial Services, And is the main investor of the Black Knight sports entertainment. In August of this year he was in the gold knight, silver knight and desert knight three final candidates to choose the former, and the team's logo is with adidas company at the end of October jointly completed.


"Now we finally have a name!" Facing the welfare of journalists excitedly said: "The Knights of the name is very appropriate, we have a very strong, They protect the controversy, maintain peace, hoe strong and weak, is our most trusted force, this culture is what we want this team has. "Welfare said:" For our team name, I am very proud of; I am also very proud of our team logo. "

Vegas Gold Cavaliers is also the 2000-01 season, the league ushered in the Columbus Blue Jersey and Minnesota wild after a military expansion. This is also the famous Las Vegas Las Vegas ushered in the first North American four major professional sports league team, the benefits also said that the team did not name the "Las Vegas", but chose the locals The traditional name "Vegas", is to increase the team's sense of belonging.

"Five months ago, when the NHL announced the adoption of the formation of a new army in Las Vegas, when all is just the beginning, and now everything is becoming more and more real." According to welfare, although the sale of jerseys Have to wait until mid-February next year, but the other peripheral, such as T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shorts, gym packs, etc., has started selling in the arena: "The team really has its own identity, Now they can buy T - shirts and sweatshirts, and give them the imprint of the team.

So far, the team has sold more than 14,000 season tickets and most of the luxury location, welfare, said he was confident that next season to watch the game the fans, 85% -90% are season ticket holders Someone.


In the welfare of the scene to speak, NHL President Gary Bateman took the stage to speak, he took to the podium on the road, the scene burst out of the other team fans often boos, Batman cleverly played a joke: No, you have to keep hissing me, which proves that Las Vegas is now an up - to - date hockey city!

Although the Golden Cavaliers from their first regular season there are 11 months of time, but they have already started in full swing in preparation, the team chose former general manager of the Washington Capital team as the team by Mike General manager, worked in the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers for 13 years, Kerry • Bu Boer Ci as president of the team, and in the last month, the team finalized their office.

The Cavaliers will be the eighth team in the Pacific Division and the 15th team in the Western Conference next season. On June 21, they will take the team's first player in the draft, and two days later, The team's first rookie, and their first-round pick will be in the top six, after each round has a third pick.