[Web News] NFL breakdown of those black technology athletes actually "through the wall into the room

Imagine the following scenario, if the Super Bowl, when you are in a foreign country; or did not grab tickets; or because for various reasons so you can not live Super Bowl atmosphere.

This time how do you do? Now Microsoft combined with the NFL, a think about the future at home to enjoy the Super Bowl experience!

细数NFL的那些黑科技 运动员竟“穿墙而入”

Until now, the so-called "second-screen" experience revolved around software on mobile devices such as Twitter or ESPN, which could be a cell phone, tablet or laptop, but Microsoft intended to bring the second-screen experience to a new Of the stage, with Microsoft's HoloLens glasses developed, so you experience the stadium into the home of the real feelings.

细数NFL的那些黑科技 运动员竟“穿墙而入”

In Microsoft's future plans, you can wear glasses to extend the original TV screen, from small screen upgrade to the big screen, so you can see a more complete stadium, so you have a broader vision, Leak Out of the game every detail, experience the most realistic atmosphere of the scene.

IMAX experience at home can feel, and this is just the beginning of the black technology!

You want to get information about the venue, you can gesture operation, so that the stadium directly in your living room on the coffee table presented, the name of the stadium, location, can accommodate the number of spectators, the history of the stadium and all the information at a glance.

Cool stadium rendering effect, this is Russell - Wilson's first few touchdowns? Wilson Fantasy of the game score is?

If it is before, we need to watch the TV at the same time, open the phone or your Tablet PC into the APP or website to view the relevant data, but now, you can watch the game at the same time, gestures directly open the player data interface, To reach the array, the number of passing yards NFL 17 COINS, Fantasy scores everything, so you watch the game feel more coherent.

What is Wilson's current Fantasy score? Lynch red ball how much fast? On a file he was running the line is what?

What is Wilson's standard pass? The fastest pass is the number of speed?

Do not Google, and let them appear directly in front of you! You can let the 3D modeling of athletes from your home through the wall into his complete personal properties in front of you.

Lynch red ball speed, the standard Wilson pass the original action is like this.

When the big screen at the same time the game, you can always 360-degree panoramic view of the disk before the touchdowns, steals, grappling and other wonderful shots. In such a no dead angle playback function, you may be more than the referee "professional."

To look at how the ball is touchdowns, just did not see, come back again!

Microsoft HoloLens appearance, completely changed the people at home viewing experience, later in the game did not go to the scene match day, inviting three two friends home, still able to experience the authentic NFL scene!

In addition to the above description of the black technology, we take a look at the NFL arena other high-tech products:

细数NFL的那些黑科技 运动员竟“穿墙而入”

Surface Tactical Board:

Until the 2013 season, NFL coaches and players on the sidelines to review and discuss field tactics, still using the most primitive print tactical paper and pen. But by the 2014 season, the fans found the coaches and players in the hands of pen and paper and tactical board into a blue tablet computer, whether it rains or snow, they are holding the tablet pointing.

This Tablet PC is a customized version of the Surface Pro 2 Tablet PC that Microsoft has developed for the NFL game (by 2015, the latest Surface Pro 3). In addition to customized tactical APP, Microsoft also NFL special requirements based on the use of customized special shell, to meet the water, anti-collision needs, set in the back easy to hold one hand grip and can be hung in the chest strap.

细数NFL的那些黑科技 运动员竟“穿墙而入”

Five high-tech stadium:

1. Dallas Cowboys - 2100-inch high-definition television

Texas, everything is bigger. Dallas Cowboys AT & T Arena has the largest stadium HDTV, hanging from the ground 90 feet high. Cost 40 million US dollars, more than the national average power consumption of 4 months, is 2100 inches 1080PLED display. With such an advanced display, even sitting in the last row are not afraid to see!

2. Arizona Cardinals - Movable turf

What can be open and close the roof of fresh? The whole piece of turf can move is the "scientific development of" the real embodiment! Arizona Cardinals home - University of Phoenix Arena, venues in the natural turf, you can not move out of the sun when the game! A full 2 ​​acres of grass, fitted with 546 wheels, with 75 minutes out of the stadium, to sunbathing, really self-willed and spectacular!

Seattle Seahawks - Twelfth person noise

Seattle Seahawks "Twelfth" stadium deafening cries, has always been to make the visiting team "frightened." The stadium seats and stadium top, are made of special materials. There is no doubt that this won the Guinness Book of World Records the most loud stadium, full of high noise reduction, radio and high echo technology content.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Solar Green Eagle

In this era of sustainable development, energy recycling is a priority. The home of the Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field is the first to allow the venue for the power of the stadium. 14 power turbines, covered with solar panels, the annual energy consumption issued by the Hawks home 6 times, that is, the annual energy required for venues 30%. It can be said that this course is "Green Eagle."

5. San Francisco 49 - Fantasy box

The newly built San Francisco 49 people stadium, can be said to be integrated with the most advanced technology. Among them, there is a special VIP box, is to play Fantasy game. The box is all flat screen touch screen, full WIFI, with synchronous data, but also with various social networking platform automatically connected. Can accommodate between 1,400 and 1,600 fans. If more somatosensory games, video dialogue, etc., should be more praise it!

Chip implanted rugby

The NFL continues to look for new ways to make touchdowns and free kick shots more difficult for the audience to be more exciting.

One method may be to reduce the distance between goalposts. The league tested the method on a professional bowl two years ago, but it was not implemented in other competitions. More tests will now take place.

NFL in the preseason game this season in the ball with the installation of microchips as the next stage of testing. The chip is installed in every preseason ball. In the preseason test, the League Competition Committee will be based on the results of the data collected to determine the ball in the game in the use of the situation.

This information may be used in the future, such as the NFL official website of these media platforms and broadcast, including regular season Thursday night game. The data will include how far the ball has been flying in a particular offense and how far the ball is from the goalpost in a free-kick shot or in an additional shot.