[Web News] NFL New York Jets runners Joe - McKnight shot

According to New Orleans local law enforcement officials said the former NFL New York Jets running back, 28-year-old Joe - McKnight in local time on Thursday, occurred in New Orleans Road, an angry traffic incident was shot.

前NFL球星在路怒交通事件惨遭枪杀 年仅28岁

"At about 2:43 pm we got the alarm call," the law enforcement officer Neville - Normande said, "Our police officers immediately rushed to the scene, a victim of a heart attack , Unfortunately the victim died, and later confirmed that he is Joe - McKnight.

The shooting took place in the town of Terry, Louisiana, at the junction of two major streets, the Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard. According to eyewitnesses, when McKnight and another person in the traffic junction next to their parking off after a quarrel, then McNair tried to apologize, while the other is shouted abuse, and finally took out the gun against the McNerney shot More than once. When McNair fell to the ground, the man with the gun also stood beside him, saying, "I warned you not to do anything with me." Then they fired.

54-year-old Ronald Gasser is the shooting of the suspects, he stayed in the scene, so that law enforcement officers to pay their own equipment, and then was sent to prison trial.

"Mr. Gasser is the man who shot at Mr. McKnight, and we will post more details after the inquiry with the witnesses," Normand told reporters. "Mr. McKnight himself was not in the gun himself http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins." Normand claimed that he did not know where the accident originally occurred, but pointed out that McNight was standing outside his car while being shot. Normande did not announce the number of guns in McKnight, saying that he wanted to ask a forensic doctor. Normand also said the two parties had no guns outside the car were found, and in the search order was approved down before they have not searched the car.

McKnight's death in the rugby world quickly spread, several star players have expressed their condolences. Antonio Cromarty, a former teammate for three years with McKnight, said: "I just learned that my ex-teammate Joe McNight was dead, too sad. live."

Arizona Cardinals security Wei Tailan - Mathieu is a native of New Orleans, has been very concerned about the security situation in his hometown. "Everyone wants to be Reggie Bush, and we New Orleans just want to be like McNight," he said.

The reason why will mention Reggie - Bush, because McKnight in college, is considered the University of Southern California superstar running back Reggie - Bush 's successor in the 2007-09 university career, he was in Southern California The role of the University, just like seniors Bush, as the team to assume the entire offensive group.

"My brother, Joe McNair, has gone all the way," Bush said.

The McKnight head coach, the current Seattle Seahawks coach Pete - Carroll also made: "to Joe - McKnight's departure is very sad. This is a tragic tragedy .All love him, We will miss him very much. "

In the three years of the University of Southern California, McKnight ran with pick up to 2755 yards and 15 touchdowns, his 2213 yards red ball in the team history ranked 16th. In the NFL draft in 2010, he was selected in the fourth round by the jet, in New York three years, he played 39 times to get 502 yards and 177 yards to catch the ball ball. In 2011 and 2012, he is the league's first-class tee shot back, the average time to get back to attack 29.4 yards.

But during the training camp in 2013, McNair out of the attitude problems and off-site problems, first did not pass the team's physical fitness test, and later because of traffic violations and was arrested, but also in Twitter and fans quarrel , The offer frame.

So in August 2013 the final round of layoffs, McKnight ranked them.

"Joe - McKnight is a good father, a warmhearted person," Jets said in an official statement, "a life because of a brainless violence and the end of the very sad.Jo, we miss you.

McKnight later briefly played in the Kansas City Chiefs, but by the injuries hit. Recently, he played in the Canadian Football League's Edmonton Eskimo and Saskatchewan horses, 38 rushing the ball to get 228 yards. Canadian League in early November before the end of the McNair to today's accident, is still a member of the roster division squad.

"We are the most serious mourning for Joe's family, friends and all the people who have been hit by this tragedy," the trainer general manager and head coach said in a statement.

This is already the second time this year, former NFL players killed in road rage. The first former New Orleans Saints defensive end-Weir - Smith, he died in April.