[Web News] Predict the NFL which team has the opportunity to see other people face

NFL has now entered into the fourteenth week of the competition, the competition into the playoffs of the seats to white-hot. As the regular season draws to a close, today we come up with a prediction for the playoff seat to see which teams have taken the lead and which teams need to look at others.

Midland: Patriot Yiqijuechen other three areas of confusion

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

Since the 2001 season, Tom Brady has become the main quarterback, 15 seasons have passed, the Patriots only 2 times not to get the first name of the Division, one of them because of Brady missed the whole season because of injury. Four games left the game this season, the Patriots has been leading the second division 3 dolphins wins, looks the first name of the Division has been a bag of things. But the Patriots have recently suffered a more serious injury hit, and last season's playoffs also proved that the home-court advantage in the playoffs is also very important. Patriots can withstand the pressure of injury, in one fell swoop to get the United States top seed, aspects of the next few weeks.

In addition to the Eastern District, the other three divisions are still a great suspense. Midland North here is the crow and the Steelers of the two-person. The two sides in the 16th week of the Christmas grips will be the direct battle of King Hill, in addition, the two sides will each fight with the Tigers once, while the other two, the crow's opponent is the Patriots and Eagles, Steelers opponents Bill and Brown , From the race point of view, is slightly occupied Steelers advantage. However, the two sides played against the crows for the first time to win, but also the difference between the race smooth. For now, or at home against Steelers in the direct fight against the odds bigger, and then get the first division name.

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

The situation is even more complex Southern Union, is now tied for the first three teams. Texas at home to win the ponies and the Titans each time this week to Indianapolis battles pony, the final round to Nashville touch Titan. Pony is already a double kill the Titan. In addition to direct confrontation, the Texans are the other two opponents of the Jaguar and the Tigers, Titans have to touch the Broncos and chiefs, ponies also hit the Vikings and Raiders. So the Titans and the pony race is much more dangerous than the Texas people, which, together with the Texans have been in the hands of the previous account for the opportunity, we believe that the Texas people get the most chance of the first name.

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

In the Western Conference, the Emirates had just beat the Raiders on Thursday night to finish the double play and climbed to the top of the division, but the current record is still the same as the Raiders, so you want to keep the first name, the next The game still can not be taken lightly, Raiders can also seize the opportunity to recover the chieftain Chieftain top. After the field, the chiefs of the Division record rose to 4 wins and 0 losses, which makes the Mustang to get the first name of the hope of the Division has become very slim.

In the wild card places, regardless of the chiefs and raiders who is the ultimate US West Championship, the other side of the wild card places are not what suspense. For the defending champion Mustang, the last three weeks of Lianyin Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders, will determine the success or failure of the season. While Steelers, Ponies and Titans in the wild card opportunities to retain at the same time, is also expected to launch the impact on the Division title. Dolphins, Bill and even lightning also have some chance. In these teams, the dolphin's ranking is relatively forward, the next schedule is not difficult, the last week of the Patriots opponents, then it is likely as uninterested last year. Therefore, if the Mustang has some mistakes, dolphins will be the first contender.

Prediction Summary: Patriot 1, No. 2 Emirates first-round bye, wild card race No. 3 Steelers against the No. 6 Mustang, No. 4 Texas Raiders against No. 5.

League: Division first name gradually clear, wild card competition intense

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

League of the East with the AL East situation is similar to the cowboy has made three wins in the lead, and this week will be Sunday night game in the face of the second, wild card area first giant (Tencent Sports Video Live). If the cowboy in the field and then win, it will advance three lock Division title and the first round of the playoffs bye, full play home advantage will also be basically in the bag of things, but if the loss was giant double play, The last three weeks will have to work hard.

The situation of the League of Nations North has also been gradually clear, last week the Vikings lose, so the lion has also got two of the lead, and has been double-killing Vikings, so the Vikings want to go-ahead hope has been very slim. In contrast, the packer is a more powerful competitor. Lions then have to face the giant and the cowboy, the race can be described as dangerous exception, but also lost in the first fight against the Packers. If the lion can not be locked in advance, the final week of the home will determine the decision to play Division Packers belong. But on the current lion attack, defense and even the performance of the Secret Service group, we still believe that they will regain the championship after 23 years.

Falcon recent three-game two losses, while the pirates are to get a four-game winning streak, these two points to the original is about to lose suspense of the League of Nations Southern Region now has Aspect. The two teams are now the same record, the outcome is tie. But the Falcon then have to face the ram and 49 two underdogs, and pirates in addition to three Division civil war, but also to a Dallas. So the falcon to get the championship the possibility of the Division, or bigger than the pirates.

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

In contrast, the League of Nations West should be no suspense. Seahawks is currently leading the Cardinals 3 wins, and just recovered last week after losing the red ball attack, easily defeated the Panthers. Even in the penultimate week lost to the Cardinals, Seahawks can also get enough victory in the Ram and 49 people. For Seahawks, the more challenging is the ability to compete in the playoffs home advantage to continue to exert pressure on the cowboy.

NFL季后赛席位预测:爱国者无悬念 美南混乱

While the League of Nations wild card places may be more suspense than the American League. Giant, Pirate, Redskins, Vikings, Packers and even Cardinals, Saints, Eagles, all of which are not easy to follow. More unpredictable. At present the Giants are in the most advantageous position, even if the last four weeks 2 wins and 2 losses, is also likely to enter the playoffs. And for the pirates, red leather, Vikings and Packers, there is a gap may ruin hope. Packers have recently won streak, but soon hit the sea eagle. Although the record is slightly less red than the pirates, but the schedule is better, we predict the next three giants and Redskins are 2 wins and 1, the last week of the Redskins defeated the Giants, both teams into the playoffs.

Forecast summary: No. 1 cowboy, No. 2 Seahawks first-round bye, wild card race No. 3 Falcon against No. 6 giant, No. 4 lion against No. 5 red.

In summary, this year's AL West and the NL East, are likely to have three teams into the playoffs. Midland West's strength is that we have foreseen in the pre-season, but last season or chicken pecking state of each country's East, this year is so strong, can be described as eye-popping.