[Web News] Thanksgiving World War II into the NFL tradition this day NBA truce

It 's time for a traditional American holiday - Thanksgiving. This is a family reunion of the warm moments, and family members together to do? In addition to eating turkey, is to see the NFL game. Food, Football, Family, and these three "Fs" form the main theme of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving World War II into the NFL tradition this day NBA truce

NFL Thanksgiving Day tradition traces back to the 1920s, by the then Detroit Lions boss Richard, his idea is simple: to enhance the team popularity, to sell tickets. With the original initiative, Detroit's team, although never won the Super Bowl, but it is one of the protagonists of the annual Thanksgiving unshakeable. From 1934 onwards, in addition to the suspension of World War II for six years, the Lions participated in each of the Thanksgiving World War, never absent, the formation of tradition. In 1966, the "US team" Dallas Cowboys became the second regular participating teams. In order to meet the needs of the fans watching the NFL in 2006 plus a night race, the game did not participate in a fixed team, who the ball look good on.


How to arrange Thanksgiving three games to lion cowboy as a benchmark, a variety of permutations and combinations, NFL, but racking their brains. Kung Fu pays off, this is the first time since 81 years, six teams have reached the winning percentage (or more than), three strong dialogue, a rare feast, can save the decline in ratings this season decline? Important, NFL Union this considerable attention.

Richard had certainly not thought of a promotional idea of ​​their own, the future evolution of the United States when a reunion must be a tradition. To know Thanksgiving enough to eat the ball after watching the ball shortly after, to the United States the most important purchasing day of the year - Black Friday, the American people after watching the game, through the excitement, shouting Cold, the import of major stores lined up to grab the bargain in the vast flow of people.

Thanksgiving is the second largest holiday in the nation after Christmas. NFL monopolize this section, is quite overbearing, NBA interest in the arrangements for the game is not the day, a considerable knowledge of current affairs. Avoid the edge, the NBA to focus on the end of the Christmas, NHL also crazy push their winter classic. Thanks to the festive festive atmosphere of the NFL Thanksgiving Day, the ball add to the fun while pocketed the eye and bank notes, is really happy.


Three key events this year's Thanksgiving Day War full Aspect

Thanksgiving this year and in previous years, as in the afternoon at noon, NFL side warm up the three "dinner" add to the fun.

Look at the first, Lions (6 wins 4 losses) at home to the Vikings (6 wins 4 losses)

The two teams is the old enemy of the League North, the enemy meet, not only exceptionally jealous, the road is getting narrower. 18 days before the two teams had a battle, when the Lions 22:16 to the weak and strong, broke the classic called the popular this season. Although the lion has been Thanksgiving food, but a long time always lose, it is inevitable as "chicken" when the laughing stock. But the last three years they three straight, is unexpected, this year is also true, their attack is still struggling, with excellent defense and Secret Service team play, recently 5 wins and 1 losses, 18 days after the home battles Vikings, momentum. Las Vegas has also pushed the lion out of the three points of the casino.

Vikings 5-game winning streak after a 4-game losing streak, Sunday just to win the Cardinals to stop bleeding, eager to get back the state, but fortunately they Thanksgiving record of 5 war 1 negative. One advantage of the start at noon is, kick down the ball, players and fans also have time to go home to eat turkey reunion.

The second game, Washington Redskins (6 wins, 3 losses and 1 level) guest Dallas Cowboys (9 wins and 1 loss)

NFL obviously this group of traditional confrontation of the Eastern Conference of the League of Nations, the ninth has been arranged for them to suffer in Thanksgiving. Red skin actually tiring, they Sunday just finished an evil battle, 42: 24 win the Packers, and then non-stop challenge south of the NLD enemy. Fatigue on the division is to wait at Plaza, the 9-game winning streak of the cowboy, it can be said to be weak, no wonder the Las Vegas casino optimistic about the cowboy to 6.5 points.

The third finale, Pittsburgh Steelers (5 wins, 5 losses) away to the Indianapolis Colts (5 wins and 5 losses)

This pair of "enemy" has two sets of data surprising. First, in the past two seasons, with quarterback Rosliss Berg (Ben Roethlisberger), led by Steelers to see the pony to suppress the fire. Last year, his four passing touchdowns, 45: 10 victory; the year before, it is exaggerated six passing touchdowns, 522 yards, 51: 34 bloodbath. The second set of data, pony Thanksgiving Day World War did not lose, and Steelers AFL and NFL since 1970, the merger since the five wars are ink.

The two teams not only record the same, the situation in their respective partitions are the same, and the first difference is not far from the partition, but behind the third row of pursuers also chase very tight Buy Madden Mobile Coins. In order to keep sitting two Wang Yi, the campaign will not be lost. But the pony quarterback (Andrew Luck) just hit the brain concussion, Thursday can play doubt, Las Vegas out of the steel people to 2.5 points in the small cap.