[Web News] What happened in the latest alliance it together to see it

NFL Union is still no competition, the team between the preparations to a critical juncture, and what happened in the latest alliance it together to see it:


Andrew Lark became the thirteenth week of the NFL League's best offensive player in the game against the jets, he completed a total of 28 passes 22 times the success of a total of 278 yards came four touchdowns to help Indianapolis Leicester Colts won a key victory, rekind the playoff hopes, as long as the colt to win the match against the opponents of the same area, they are very promising to the playoffs.

Kansas Chiefs Defender Eric Berry won the AP Defensive Player of the Week, his strong return from lymphoma last season. The game Berry completed a 37 yards steals back to touchdowns, as well as a steal each other's 2-point conversion back to get 2 points, which ultimately help the Chieftain lore each other.

New England Patriots kicker Stephen - Geset Kostski harvest the United States Week best team player, his four free kicks in the game all hit, there is no kick additional points, which is his second this year Award-winning, is the fifth career.


Arizona Cardinals running back David - Johnson to become the League of Nations this week, the best offensive player, he completed 9 times in the game to promote the ball 91 yards 1 touchdowns, but also completed 18 rushed the ball forward 84 yards 1 touchdowns .

Chicago Bears defensive end Achim - Hicks became the League of Nations Week defensive player. The defensive line in the game to get 10 times tackle, 2 sack also created a ball out.

Detroit lion kicker Matt - Pratt once again won the League of Nations Weekly best team player. He has won these awards last week, Platt hit five free kicks in the game, did not play missed additional points to help the Lions 28-13 victory over the New Orleans Saints.


Packers Seahawks will duel, two more generals were injured

This week the Green Bay Packers will battle the Seattle Seahawks, which will directly determine the league's playoff quotas, and if the Packers win, they will retain a playoff wild card. If the Seahawks win they will continue to compete for the National League's top seed seat. The two teams are now full of wounded soldiers, packaging line Wei Nick - Perry this week because of hand injury, next week, Packers will once again assess his injury situation, to determine whether he returned this season. Perry in the summer and the team renewed a year of 500 million short-term contract, so far has become the absolute main force, he led the team to 8 times the sack. Also came in the forefront of the Union. Packers another defensive award Craig Matthews this week may not participate in training in order to better restore the shoulder injury, the most worrying is that the Packers superstar Aaron - Rogers injury, He continued limited training today due to last week's hamstring strain.

Seahawks side line of defense general Er - Thomas because of the problem of tibial fractures have been identified season reimbursement, which directly affects the Seahawks second-line defense, and road attack, Haiying proud of running back lineup is also a heavy loss, The main run-in Thomas - Rolls because of last week's encounter in the brain concussion, this week certainly can not debut; another main running back CJ-Pross scapula fracture return yet. But the sea eagle to make a quick remedy, quickly signed a security guard Jeremy - Johnson and full Marcel - Reese added lineup.


NFL first high-paying security Wei fear of reimbursement

Viking security guard Harrison - Smith is the Minnesota Vikings team among the other superstar, but with the season the Vikings star have injured claims, Smith has finally reached this point. He was seen walking on crutches at the end of last week's game, and today his injury was identified as a high-level ankle sprain, the most serious ankle injury. Not only this week has been determined to miss, and at least in the sixteenth week of the game can not be restored before. He was injured in the game against the Cardinals, and then in the series against the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys game forced to play lead to injury aggravated.

Harrison - Smith is the league's top security guard, he was selected in the professional bowl last year, and for two consecutive years in the PFF first best team. In the offseason, he signed a five-year contract worth $ 5125 with the team, earning him an average salary of $ 10.25 million over Earl Thomas, the league's top paid security guard. He played all the games this season, has completed 84 tackles, 2 sack, is the Vikings defensive backcourt absolute main. In the absence of the general, the Vikings on the troubled prospects of the playoffs has been not optimistic.