What's the next update coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons


Players have high hopes for the next Animal Crossing update, which they believe will completely shift the dynamics of New Horizons. The game's last three updates, on the other hand, were all about seasonal events and Animal Crossing Items. To buy different things from Nook Stop, most users must go online.

Nintendo did not incorporate any big content for users all over the world. The updates were clearly adequate, and the community's enjoyment was greatly enhanced by the recent custom design feature. The store allowed players to buy important items to decorate their island and avatar.

Regardless, the group is clamoring for a big update with some fantastic material. The summer wave one and two updates introduced a number of significant changes. It introduced the idea of swimming and diving, as well as the ability for players to donate items to the museum.

While not all players currently swim or dive, they had actively tested these features at the time of their release. Back in April, another big update was released, which included the addition of bushes, leaves, an art show, and Redd. There were significant improvements, and more of the same would be welcome.

Nintendo plans on next update

As part of the 2.0 update, Nintendo may bring some old characters back to New Horizons as big material. Tortimer and Kapp'n are two of the most likely candidates to arrive. Before Isabelle took over, Tortimer was the mayor of the island. Kapp'n, on the other hand, is a well-known character in the Animal Crossing community. Since the beginning of Animal Crossing, he has aided many players by transporting them to other islands on his raft.

Aside from that, Nintendo can try to include additional events and items in order to keep users interested in the game. It could also implement new seasonal activities and items.

Since the Animal Crossing franchise had just celebrated its 20th anniversary, many players were expecting major news from Nintendo. However, they were only met with disappointment when the developers gave them nothing.


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