With a long history of punctuality in providing free updates and fixes to any arising issues in Rocket League

With an extended history of timing in providing free updates and fixes to any arising problems in Rocket League, developer Psyonix has free the small print for the game's most up-to-date update v1.54. they embody fixes to the mothership professional wheels, further as a couple of Minor general fixes.

The Wheels can stay in each player’s inventory, however the name can amendment from ‘Mothership Pro’ to ‘Mothership’ These Wheels can maintain a ‘Common’ rarity designation.

If you ransomed a Mothership professional code on your account, you may receive a brand new white-colored 'Mothership Pro' Wheel with 'Limited' rarity standing.

If you received a code from attending the RLCS Season five World Championship, however haven't ransomed it nonetheless, the code can currently unlock this new white Mothership professional in your inventory going forward.

Fixed a bug preventing correct UI from displaying for spectators at the tip of a match One-frame input delay between jump and directional input has been fastened Golden Pumpkins ar currently tradeable.

The patch is already live, thus there's no have to be compelled to wait any more before downloading and continued your intrude on Rocket League.