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Customers looking to purchase gold from us will get nothing shy of a premium buying Guild Wars 2 gold experience handled by a team of professional staff members. Our website is carefully engineered to ensure a convenient and safe purchase. Once the purchase is concluded, our staff will quickly deliver the gold to you. Our gold’s origin is solid, as we acquire it from our long-term suppliers. At the bottom of the page, customers can find many reviews of our customers who vouch for our service.

Where do you acquire Guild Wars 2 Gold from?

Since 2009, we have dealt with digital goods, slowly earned a reputation, and created a network of loyal partners to support our growth. Such partnerships are essential as they provide us with quality assets. This is especially important for account trades, as they can be retrieved by the previous owners if untrustworthy. Furthermore, we offer sell currency services, where our customers can trade their gold for cash. Finally, having gold coming in from various sources ensures our GW2 gold stocks are always filled.

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Our reputation precedes us, as we are recognized as a safe place to buy GW2 gold. These reviews come from TrustPilot , where our services are featured. Thousands of customers use our services daily to buy, sell, and trade their video game assets, as we are accompanied by affordability, security, and 24/7 assistance. Furthermore, our systems are streamlined to ensure convenient trade throughout the day. If you require assistance or have questions, our live chat agents will be more than happy to assist. They are well-versed in digital goods trading and will surely be of help.

How do you handle deliveries?

Once we get your payment, our gold delivery experts will begin with the delivery procedure. You will need to be present in the live chat, as our staff will need your order ID to ensure the GW2 gold trade goes smoothly. While standard trading and drop trading are the two most popular delivery options, we also provide game-specific delivery options. We can typically complete your gold order in a matter of minutes. Please start a conversation at our 24/7 live chat for more information.

Do you suggest buying Gold for Guild Wars 2 to level my account?

Lolga encourages new accounts to purchase gold from us as it is of paramount importance for character progression. Having an abundance of gold helps to avoid the grind and get into important game content sooner. We offer as much Guild Wars 2 gold for sale as you need; our suppliers work hard to keep us stocked to meet the demand. Clients can see how much gold we currently have through the stock function.

Farming Gold in GW2

Much like any MMORPG, grinding is necessary to get your character where you want it to be. In GW2, players have numerous ways available to accumulate gold. The best methods include standard flipping at trading posts, auction houses, or farming during the meta events. Moreover, players can exchange various currencies for gold, like Gems, Badges of Honor, Karma, etc. This can be done by creating materials or highly-sought after items which can then be sold for gold. Finally, other standard methods for accumulating gold include completing daily events, slaying bosses, and selling crafted materials.

How to get Gems in Guild Wars 2?

GW2 Gems are ‘premium’ currency exclusive to the Gem Store, a special shop used to purchase unique gear, cosmetics, and convenience items. Gems help brand GW2 as an optional pay-to-win game, as gold can be traded in for gems, apart from buying them with real money. Moreover, players can purchase GW2 Gem Cards, which hold from 1k gems to 4k, depending on the card level. Players can see how many gems they have at their disposal by checking the upper left corner once in the Gem Store screen.

Guild Wars 2 Currency

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