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It’s not a secret that Gold is very important in WoW Classic. But in Classic Hardcore it’s even more important! Having enough gold allows you to get better gear, required consumables, buy a mount, and anything else your character may need to stay alive. Every Gold coin spent raises your chances of survival, so using as much Gold is possible is in your best interests!

Gold farming on a standard server is a tedious process by itself, but on Hardcore Classic servers it is practically non-existent. A fully leveled profession could help you sustain yourself but it is incredibly rare on HC Servers, to be able to level it all the way. Furthermore, a mob-grinding is not something that most classes can successfully perform, without risking your character.

However, a solid bag of gold can help you out quite a lot, even on a Hardcore server. You’ll be able to get yourself potions, flasks and other consumables that could save you in a tough situation. Gold can even help you obtain a truly rare sight on HC server – a mount.

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