Dark And Darker Items

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  • Materials

  • 100

    Dark And Darker Items Candy Cane

    Candy Cane

    $ 5.99

  • 10

    Dark And Darker Items Cobalt Ingot

    Cobalt Ingot

    $ 1.99

  • 100

    Dark And Darker Items Gingerbread Cookie

    Gingerbread Cookie

    $ 15.99

  • 5

    Dark And Darker Items Gold Ingot

    Gold Ingot

    $ 5.99

  • Dark And Darker Items Golden Key

    Golden Key

    $ 3.89

  • 10

    Dark And Darker Items Rubysilver Ingot

    Rubysilver Ingot

    $ 1.99

  • 5

    Dark And Darker Items Silver Ingot

    Silver Ingot

    $ 3.99

  • Dark And Darker Items Troll Pelt

    Troll Pelt

    $ 3.99

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What is Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer fantasy extraction game that combines dungeon crawling and PvP combat in a dark medieval setting. Players can choose from seven classes and explore procedurally generated dungeons full of enemies, traps, and loot. However, to keep their loot and level up, they must survive long enough to escape through a portal that appears randomly.

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How to Trade in Dark and Darker?

To engage in trading with other players, it's necessary to join the game's trading channel. However, before you can do this, your account must have been registered for a minimum of five days and reached level 10 or higher. Commencing a transaction will initially cost you 25 gold coins. Additionally, a tax of 15 gold coins is levied on each transaction.