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About Rocket League Car Design

Rocket League, the high-octane fusion of soccer and vehicular chaos, is not just about scoring goals and making saves. it's also a stage for showcasing your unique personality and creativity through car designs. The ability to customize your battle car's appearance, from body, wheels, and decals to colors and beyond, opens up a world of endless possibilities.

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Over 40 car bodies have been introduced in Rocket League, available through retired crates, the Item Shop, Rocket Pass, and Blueprints. This collection includes exclusive console-only Battle-Cars. For personalized and casual customization, Psyonix has introduced a vast array of cosmetic items, attainable through blueprints, purchases in the Item Shop using Rocket League credits, or trades with players and trusted online Rocket League items trading platforms like LOLGA.COM. To assist you in curating the perfect Rocket League Car Designs, LOLGA is presenting a selection of fantastic RL Battle Car Ideas.

Explore our curated collection of top, visually stunning, and affordable Rocket League Car Designs list. Easily peruse diverse designs for each battle car, featuring distinct paintwork and item combinations. Furthermore, the total cost in Rocket League credits for each design is clearly provided, enabling you to gauge the credits required for the desired look. Our comprehensive Rocket League Car Designs encompass a wide range of vehicle bodies available in the current game.

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