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MapleStory 2 Amur (South America) Mesos

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MapleStory 2 includes a number of amazing features including quests, gameplay, environments, items and characters along with a number of discoverable things. Main aim of this free of cost game is to attract lots of audiences towards its extremely casual and addictive gameplay. It allows you to create an account online by using the fun of 2D side scrolling and simple controls. You can go through its brief tutorials to learn how to play this game. Some of its initial steps may include your funfilled quests, completing different types of jobs, crafting few items and get involved in the thrill of PvP battles.

MapleStory 2 Mesos

The in-game currency of MapleStory as well as MapleStory 2 is known as mesos. It is extremely necessary to earn mesos as you can use them for doing a number of things including increasing you weapon power as well as leveling it, buying potions as well as achieving the things that are linked with forging and buying cash items and quality equipment from its trade Station.

You can earn mesos through different ways including by farming them at Sky Terrace 2, selling and buying items at Trade Station, buying and selling cash items, using inventory to sell your useless items, selling epic equipment gathered from Elite Dungeons against mesos, using alts to farm powder and selling it at maximum price and finishing your quest. You can also buy MapleStory 2 mesos online.

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