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Gems are important in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem because they can be used to empower your Weapons and Armor. There are three types of sockets on equipment, and each type of Gems has a set bonus for each type of sockets.

Players have access to both traditional gems and special gems in the game. The special gems allow you to add very powerful modifiers to your armor and weapons through crafting, such as the ability to use a skill that you should not be able to use. That's why players' demand on them is high. provides all players with the popular gems like Eternal Alexandrite, Eternal Amber, Eternal Amethyst, Eternal Copperstone, Eternal Diamond, Eternal Emerald, Eternal Lapis Lazuli, Eternal Ruby, Eternal Sapphire, Eternal Silverstone, Eternal Topaz and Genesis Stone. Buy Cheap Wolcen Gems at with the lowest price, instant delivery, 100% safety guarantee and friendly customer service!