Delivery Time: 5 Minutes - 1 Hour

FIFA 16 PS4 - Account

1. To ensure that Duration Auction as accurate as possible , the best time is 3 Days.

2. Starting Bid using random prices, for example, using 7100 8100 6300 will help improve the delivery speed.(Do not useing 150 350 or 9900)

3. Please complete the payment as soon as possible after fill right the transaction information to ensure that the time is correct you enter.

4.The 5% transaction fee that is charged by EA is to be borne by you.

  • Amount
  • Price
  • Buy
FIFA 16 Trading Process
  • Select the items you need and then submit correct information

  • Complete secure payment

  • Accept our invite request in game

  • Complete the trade and then get your items


1 What is correct information?

  • 1.1 Steam Profile link=Custom URL
  • 1.2 PSN ID=PlayStation Network ID
  • 1.3 Xbox GT=Xbox Gamer Tag

2 What should I do after I paid successfully my order?

  • 2.1 For Steam Players, please accept our friend request in Steam,for PS4 and Xbox players, please go directly to step 2.2
  • 2.2 Enter the game, accept our invite request
  • 2.3 Accept our trading request after accepting the invite request, then get your items

3 Lolga will never take the items back in any way.